‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: Hanna Drops A Huge Bombshell About Aria

Were you blown away by Hanna's big reveal -- or did you kind of see it coming? Pretty Little Liars fans are used to thinking of Hanna (Ashley Benson) as 'the clueless one,' but on the Jan. 14 episode, it was Miz Marin who held the biggest secret of all: She hooked up with Aria's (Lucy Hale) little brother, Mike (Cody Christian)! But wait, that wasn't the weirdest part...

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No, the weirdest part was that Aria didn’t seem to care. Like, at all. Apparently ‘girl code’ doesn’t exist in Rosewood — but we kind of already knew that, considering Aria also hooked up with Spencer’s (Troian Bellisario) half-brother. Man, when did this show get so incestuous?

Hanna & Travis: Sparks Already?

It’s only been a week since Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) went whimpering back to Ravenswood — I’ll never forget that faaaaace — yet Hanna’s (Ashley Benson) already found herself smitten with a new fella, even if she doesn’t quite know it yet. The flirtationship between Hanna and Travis began when he tried to buy her some baked goods; it wasn’t the smartest move, but in Travis’ defense, he’s not aware of Hanna’s traumatic history with cupcakes.

Later in the episode, Travis reappeared in full-on Knight In Shining Armor mode, rescuing Hanna and the rest of the liars from a torrential downpour. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still creepy as %^*, but I’d rather find him at my doorstep than Ezra (Ian Harding) — which is a sentence I never thought I’d type.

Travis also lent Hanna a sympathetic ear when she needed a good cry. Obviously I’d prefer for Caleb to come back to Ravenswood, but if he and Hanna must remain apart, I wouldn’t mind seeing her end up with a guy like Travis.

Odds & Ends

*** It looks like Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Alison’s (Sasha Pieterse) long-awaited lip lock will have to wait. They were supposed to meet in the woods, but sadly, Ali was a no-show.

*** Ali’s mom is getting a divorce, and for some reason, Spencer’s dad doesn’t want her to go anywhere near Mrs. DiLaurentis. Sketchy much?

HollywoodLifers, were you surprised by the Mike-Hanna bombshell? And do you like what’s clearly happening between her and Travis? Drop a comment with your thoughts on all of tonight’s new developments below!

— Andy Swift

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