‘Nikita’ Series Finale Recap: Nikita Completes Her Ultimate Mission

So, how did it all end? Get our take on the unforgettable series finale, then share your thoughts. The Dec. 27 series finale of Nikita was many things: explosive, intense and final; but mostly, it was just bittersweet and perfect. Beyond merely wrapping up four seasons of storyline and giving us a glimpse into the characters' futures, it also brought Nikita's (Maggie Q) entire gut-wrenching journey full-circle -- from a sinner with a dark past to a savior with a bright future.

Nikita Series Finale Recap
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Nikita‘s final, and finest, hour was a return to what the show has always been about: one woman’s desperate attempt to reclaim her life and take out the people who turned it upside down. Everything that happened during the execution of that goal — falling in love with Michael (Shane West), befriending Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca), losing Ryan (Noah Bean), etc. — was all secondary. And yet it’s all of those things combined that re-shaped Nikita’s story, and most importantly, redirected her ending.

The Nikita we’ve seen in flashbacks, including the flashbacks used during the final hour, would have handled this finale very differently. She wouldn’t have “killed” her enemies; she would have killed them, giving over to her primal urges and releasing the animal within. But she’s not that person anymore, thanks entirely to the people she’s since surrounded herself with, the people we’ve grown to love over the past four seasons.

The Amanda Of It All

Confession: I so badly wanted to see Nikita rip Amanda’s (Melinda Clarke) heart out with her bare hands, but like always, the writers know better than me, and they conjured up an even more satisfying ending. Nikita’s final words to her, “Welcome back to the basement, Helen,” gave me chills. Hell, I just got chills typing them.

And I do love that Nikita took down Amanda with “deception,” the ultimate weapon for the series’ ultimate villain. I’m not sure if it was intended to be this way, but over the past four years, Amanda has become almost as much a part of the show as Nikita, herself. And in that regard, I’m glad she’ll live on forever.

Mikita ‘Finally’ Gets Its Happy Ending

“Now that we’re finally free, I get why we fought so hard,” Nikita said in her final voiceover. “The real gift isn’t freedom; it’s what we get to do with it.” Those words, layered over a newly-eloped ‘Mikita’ (!!!) spending their honeymoon rescuing child soldiers in Ecuador, were as beautiful as they were ironic. And that quick shot of Ryan watching over them, guiding them to their next mission? Be still my heart.

During my visit to Nikita‘s Toronto set, which occurred before any of the stars had been given the final script, the cast unanimously agreed that a full-on ‘Mikita’ wedding wasn’t in the cards. Shane scoffed at the idea of a wedding scene, while Maggie more adamantly insisted, “I’m not going to be in a wedding dress.” And I agree; a white wedding would have been far too traditional for this show’s anything-but-traditional couple. What we got instead, a simple promise of ‘Mikita’s future, was far more fulfilling.

Futures Worth Fighting For

We also got a glimpse into Alex’s future as an international ambassador, with Sam (Devon Sawa) as her bodyguard-slash-boyfriend. I won’t lie, I’m not in love with the idea of Alex and Sam being together romantically — hell, I’m also not in love with the idea of Owen being Sam in the first place — but I get why the powers-that-be chose to go that route. Perhaps, had we gotten a full 22-episode season, there would have been more time for Alex and Owen’s relationship to develop; in lieu of that, I’m OK with last week’s hookup and tonight’s hint of the couple’s future.

And then there’s Nerd (Aaron Stanford), who’s now as “legit” as he’s ever going to be, offering up a watered-down version of Shadownet to the masses as a form of “open-source anarchy.” Knowing that he and Sonya (Lyndie Greenwood) have a picture-perfect future together in London is merely the cherry on top of their adorable, nerdy existence.

God, I love those two.

Closing Thoughts

I’d now like to end by thanking everyone — the cast, the crew and The CW — for giving us 73 episodes of this incredible series. While its time on the air was short-lived and under-appreciated, I firmly believe it to be one of the best shows on television today. It’s certainly the best show The CW has ever produced, and all other series should look to its flawless structure as a blueprint.

Sweet Nikita, I miss you already.

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of the Nikita series finale? Was it everything you hoped for? Is there anything you wish had been done differently? Drop a comment with your personal review below.

— Andy Swift

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