Ray Price: Country Legend’s Son Prematurely Reports His Death

Reports that country legend Ray Price had died snowballed on Dec. 15, after a Facebook post from the ailing crooner's son Cliff prematurely confirmed his passing. Now Cliff Price has backtracked, saying that he was 'deceived by some cruel people' and that Ray was still alive, but barely hanging on.On Dec. 15, Cliff Price wrote on Facebook that his beloved father, the iconic country crooner Ray Price, had died from pancreatic cancer at the age of 87. Hours later, Janie Price — Ray's wife of 45 years — posted that Cliff's report was false, and that Ray was alive but barely hanging on. Read more about Ray's current condition below.

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Ray Price Dead
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Ray Price Still Alive: Son Was ‘Deceived By Some Cruel People’

Ray, who was known for having one of the greatest voices in country music, revolutionized the genre in the 1950’s with hits like “Crazy Arms” and “City Lights.” Ray has also been extremely ill as of late, so the reports that he died surrounded by family in Texas on Dec. 15 weren’t entirely unreasonable — but they were also completely false. According to Rolling Stone, days after Ray decided to end his cancer treatments and retire to hospice care, Cliff price was given the false report that his father had died. “I believe it,” he wrote on Facebook, before taking the message down after learning the truth.

“I believe I have been deceived by some cruel people and they need to stop this,” Cliff wrote on Dec. 15. “I understand my Dads is still alive but barely hanging on.” Yikes!

Janie Price then posted yet another update, telling fans that Ray was still holding on, and that his friend and country radio figure Bill Mack would post approved updates on his Facebook page about the singer’s condition. Bill has since posted three posts on Ray’s condition, and as of 10:15PM central on Dec. 15, Ray was still alive:

As of 7:00PM, the great Ray Price is still with us, although obviously fading from the cancer. This was verified by Janie Price less than an hour ago (6:00PM, Central). Just wanted to release this “update” because so many of you have issued your concerns. Thank you! It’s been a long day since Janie called me this morning notifying me of his “failing condition”, but I’ve had the opportunity to observe hundreds of caring, loving messages. What a deserving compliment to Ray. Spoke with Willie Nelson. As he said, “I’ll bet Ray is laughing … although he’s a bit sleepy!”

Just another input at 8:00 PM, Central: Ray is still alive, thank God. Many of you have apologized for forwarding news of his “passing”. Don’t feel foolish or idiotic! Many announcements were made of Ray’s death by various important avenues in the media because they had received the false information. It is very normal to “forward or “post” such news. It was just another bit of evidence that you love Ray and his music! Janie and the family are grateful for your precious love and concern. I’ll continue to post you on any “changes”. Thank you for being there. You’ll never realize your value.

I just completed a telephone call with Janie Price at 10:15PM, Central. She said Ray’s condition is still in a “coma” mode, is not expected to improve. However, I will have my phone next to the bed constantly … if I decide to “crash-out”. She, or someone at the house, will call if there are any changes that need to be posted. I have spoken with so many of Ray’s peers, all so concerned about the “Chief”. That, and the hundreds of responses from you people, has made me realize the true value of friends. Yes, it’s been a day filled with hurt, but for a purpose: Love, concern … and prayers for Ray’s family. God bless you, thanks.

HollywoodLife sends thoughts and prayers to the Price family during this difficult time.

— Shaunna Murphy

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