‘Revenge’ Recap: Emily’s Shooter Revealed On Midseason Finale

The 'Revenge' wedding was as beautiful and twisted as one would expect -- and more! Who shot Emily (Emily VanCamp)? That's the question we've wanted answered all season, and the Dec. 15 midseason finale of Revenge finally put a face to the person who royally thwarted Emily's revenge plan. The reveal was shocking and brilliant, so let's dig in!

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Revenge Daniel Shoots Emily
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Last Minute Revenge Prep

After Victoria’s (Madeleine Stowe) bombshell about not attending the wedding, Emily was in damage-control mode. She enlisted Conrad’s (Henry Czerny) help and put on one heck of a show, pulling the whole “I have no family card,” and it was priceless.

Her act worked and Conrad snapped at Victoria about it; he even called Patrick (Justin Hartley) for back-up! Victoria was elated to have her beloved son back and vowed to end Conrad if anything happened to him.

(Aside: I don’t know if it’s just me, but Victoria seems to be head over heels in love with Patrick. Their relationship is…weird. End of aside.)

Meanwhile, Emily, Nolan (Gabriel Mann) and Aiden (Barry Sloane) were busy going over the game plan for the wedding night. The plan was for Emily to spill her blood and fire two shots and jump into the water. Then, after all the evidence Emily planted on her, Victoria would be arrested for her murder.

Let’s just say that’s not exactly how it worked out.

You’ve Always Got A Friend In Me

Before she jetted off into the sunset with Aiden, Emily made one last pit stop at The Stowaway to say goodbye to Jack (Nick Wechsler). They hugged, and it was a nice hug. In fact, everything was good… until Emily told Jack about the promise she made to faux-Amanda when she died.

Jack continued to be righteous and believed Amanda deserved better from Emily. Emily hoped he would one day understand why she needed to do all this.

Patrick headed to Nolan’s to talk about his disappearance — and, man, this was one sexually-charged conversation. Patrick told Nolan he couldn’t be with him because his mommy needed him. Nolan said he didn’t want him to make a choice. They almost kissed, but Patrick stopped. Seriously, these two have some kind of chemistry. (It’s hot in here!)

Long Live David Clarke

The big day finally came, but Emily had one more problem to fix. Lydia (Amber Valletta) stopped by the beach house and threatened to expose her with the New Year’s Eve photo if she didn’t give back the beach house, so Emily told Lydia it was all hers.

Emily made her way over to the church to prep to walk down the aisle, where Aiden stopped by for a sneaky rendezvous. “Just getting to see you so lovely is worth the risk of being here,” he told her. (SWOON!) He even put on her garter, and then they kissed! (More swoon.)

Nolan walked Emily down the aisle to Daniel (Joshua Bowman), and the ceremony went off without a hitch. I loved that, Emily said her vows, they flashed back to the reasons behind her revenge agenda. That was beautifully done.

Lydia showed up, but Aiden stopped her before she could do any damage.

At the reception, Daniel and Emily had their first dance, before Nolan cut in for his own lovely dance. Emily wanted Nolan to lock down Patrick and make sure he didn’t get on the boat. Before he stepped away, he whispered “long live David Clarke” in Emily’s ear.

Nolan took care of Patrick by texting him about Father Paul. Patrick returned to Nolan’s and wanted to know how he knew. Nolan told him that he was safe like he never was at the Grayson’s. Nolan made a tearful confession and basically told Patrick he loved him. They seemed to be on good terms until Patrick used one of Nolan’s remotes and unlocked one of Nolan’s hidden hideaway! We’ll see if Patrick is so good and noble after all!

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The ‘Revenge’ Red Wedding

This is where things get crazy. Prepare yourself.

The plan was so far, so good and they made it to the yacht. Oh yeah, Conrad decided to bring Lydia along for the ride, much to Emily and Victoria’s chagrin. Emily made a toast and provided a video for entertainment while she tried to execute the rest of her plan.

Meanwhile, Daniel got more and more inebriated. He was still not over Sarah (Annabelle Stephenson) and she felt the same way. Earlier, she got drunk at The Stowaway and practically came on to Jack! Jack called her a cab. Always the nice guy. However, Daniel got a call from her roommate saying she had tried to commit suicide. Ruh-roh!

After Emily spilled her drink on Victoria — as planned — Lydia followed Mama V to the stateroom and told her about the New Year’s Eve photo of Emily.

Victoria headed straight up the yacht to confront Emily about the revelation. They exchanged verbal barbs, Victoria called Emily a “predator” and Emily called her a “sad woman.” (This was tame compared to what these two are capable of.) Aiden chloroformed Victoria and told Emily she had 10 minutes.

However, Emily’s next 10 minutes weren’t what she had in mind. Daniel drunkenly stepped his way up to the top of the yacht. He started going on and on about how Emily set him up… and he picked up the gun!

I wasn’t prepared for this.

Then, Daniel shot Emily, watched her tumble overboard, and threw the gun into the water. (WHAT?!) This is fantastic and scary at the same time, and I’m so glad they’re giving Daniel this big and juicy storyline.

And then Daniel went back inside and played it cool. He is a Grayson after all!

Apparently, Aiden believed the plan was all good, so he swam up to shore awaiting Emily’s arrival — but found Jack, instead. Jack wanted to apologize to Emily. They started to flip out and became even more frightened when they saw her wedding dress wash ashore.

So where is Emily, and how in the heck did she get out of that wedding dress with two bullet wounds? The girl’s got mad skills. However, she’s going to need those mad skills and more to come up with a new way to take down the Graysons!

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of tonight’s Revenge?

— Avery Thompson

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