‘Vampire Diaries’ Recap: One Couple Reaches A Heartbreaking Conclusion

Plus, is another fan-favorite character about to die? Like, actually die? Get our thoughts on the midseason finale, then share yours. Just when you thought Elena's (Nina Dobrev) dead parent problems couldn't become any more complicated, the Dec. 12 episode of The Vampire Diaries revealed that her dad was the scientist who designed the very experiments currently being conducted on her. Of course, the torture she experienced on the operating table wasn't nearly as bad as the emotional torture she would face at the end of the midseason finale.

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Vampire Diaries Midseason Finale
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Damon & Elena Break Up… Again

Tired of having to apologize to Elena for the unstoppable parade of skeletons from his closet, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) decided to let her go — again. She didn’t want to break up, but he insisted, leaving her alone to weep by the fireplace.

Dear friends, can we all agree how stupid that was? I get that this show loves dragging its main couples through the ringer, and I agree that ‘happy’ Damon and Elena were starting to get stale, but did he really need to dump her so suddenly? It’s always one step forward, three steps back with Damon — and I’m not sure it’s even worth Elena’s effort anymore.

A Fist Full Of Enzo

In other news, Damon’s long-awaited reunion with Enzo went less-than-swimmingly. Still bitter about Damon leaving him for dead back in the ’50s, Enzo wasn’t exactly willing to help him find Elena, instead engaging him in a fight to the death. Neither ended up dying, obviously, but they did share an oddly romantic pause while Damon literally held Enzo’s heart in his hand. It was nice.

OK, now let’s talk about Enzo for a minute; more specifically, let’s talk about how much I love him. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but he’s bringing a certain something to the show that’s been missing this season. Maybe it’s his accent, reminding me of Mikaelsons past, or maybe he’s just the perfect foil for Damon. Either way, I hope he sticks around forever and ever.

Matters Of The Heart (Attack)

Speaking of emotional baggage from decades past, Katherine spent the hour bonding with Nadia (Olga Fonda) over her newfound desire to stay alive — until Nadia realized her interest had everything to do with Stefan (Paul Wesley), and nothing to do with her.

Still, Nadia gave Matt (Zach Roerig) the Traveler’s Knife in case Katherine decided to dump her dying chassis and soul-jump into a new body, which she did — but her change of heart may have come too late. The episode ended with poor old Katherine falling down the stairs, having suffered from an apparent heart attack; and not the fun, musical, Demi Lovato-style heart attack. The real kind.

I kind of figured Katherine wasn’t long for this world — that girl has survived way too many times — but you’ve got to hand it to The Vampire Diaries writers; before killing Katherine off for good, they totally made us care about her, nearly making us forget all of the horrible things she’s done over the years.

Bravo, writers. Bravo.

HollywoodLifers, do you think Katherine will really die? Are you annoyed that Damon and Elena broke up for the millionth time? Did you miss Jeremy’s arms as much as I did this week? Drop a comment with your review of the episode, as well as your thoughts on the episodes to come! Happy hiatus, everyone.

— Andy Swift

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