‘Scandal’ Recap: Olivia Pope Reunites With Her Mom After 23 Years

This is perhaps the most gripping 'Scandal' episode of the season, with non-stop twists and turns -- including the creepiest lick ever! Between Olivia Pope's (Kerry Washington) family crisis of epic proportions, a ton of torture, a shocking murder, and some scandalous sex photos, this week episode had us on the edge of our seats!

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‘Scandal’: Most Bizarre, Exciting Moments

1. Huck Licks Quinn’s Face Before Torturing Her

Huck feels betrayed when he finds out that Quinn was responsible for killing the team’s only lead in the Remington case. So naturally he pays her a visit — with his trusty bag of torture tools. But before he gets down to the dirty work, Huck decides to give Quinn a big lick across her face, as she’s naked, tied up and bound. Just when I thought I couldn’t be any more disgusted, he users pliers to rip a tooth right out of Quinn’s mouth! I knew Huck was crazy, but torturing Quinn, who is like family to him, takes things to a whole new level of creepy. Fortunately for Quinn — and  for us — Huck is called away from his psycho dental work by Olivia, who desperately needs his help.

2. Olivia’s Mother-Daughter Talk With Mama Maya

Olivia was reunited with her mother, Maya, at the end of the last episode, after she escaped from whatever prison Olivia’s father, Rowan, had been keeping her in for 23 years. Maya explains that she tried to expose Rowan — “a monster” — and run away with Olivia, but he caught her and she’s been locked up ever since. You would think Maya would be proud of the beautiful, badass woman that her daughter has become, but instead she tells Olivia she imagined she would have been happily married, with a dentist husband and a son. This doesn’t sit well with Olivia, who would sooner be the first lady of the United States than a dentist’s wife.

With the help of her team, Olivia tries to help Maya flee the country before she is found by Rowan and his deadly henchmen. Hong Kong seems like the perfect place to send mom, until they discover that Maya is on the FBI’s Most Wanted List — surely a scheme that Rowan concocted just to keep her in the country.

3. Vice President Sally Langston Tells President Fitz: I Quit!

Meanwhile, back at the White House, Sally has had it with Fitz’s “recklessness and womanizing” and drops the bomb that she is resigning and will be running against him as an independent. Fitz gets all up in her face and warns her “that she’s making the biggest mistake of her life,” which she eventually does at the end of the show … by killing her cheating husband! See #4.

4. Cyrus Confronts James For Cheating With The VP’s Husband

A freaked out Cyrus finally reveals to his husband, James, that he knows all about his sexual escapades with Daniel Douglas. Even though Cyrus basically pimped James out for the greater political good, the veep is livid. James says Cyrus is to blame for ruining their marriage, and tells him he wants a divorce and full custody of their baby daughter. More drama unfolds when Cyrus shows James the photos he had taken of he and Daniel doing the deed, threatening to go public with them if James takes their child.

5. Olivia & Fitz Talk Killing Her Evil Dad Rowan

Olivia reached out to Fitz for help with her mom and Fitz promises to “help” — which, in unspoken words, means he’s going to kill off her treacherous father.

6. Olivia’s Mom Isn’t Who She Claims To Be!

In an explosive revelation in the final moments of the episode, Olivia discovers her mom, Maya, is not who she thought she was … her name is actually Marie and she’s the one who’s a monster, not Rowan! Marie REALLY is one of the FBI’s Most Wanted, and Olivia finally realizes Rowan has been protecting his daughter all along. Will it be too late? Rowan’s life is in danger and Marie is already escaping on a private jet!

— Sandra Clark

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