‘OUAT’: Rose McIver Talks Tink’s Past With Pan & Future… In Storybrooke?

Rose tells HollywoodLife.com to expect 'pretty big changes' in the final four 'Once Upon A Time' episodes of 2013. With Peter Pan (Robbie Kay) beginning to unravel on the Nov. 17 episode of Once Upon A Time, the gang is closer than ever to saving Henry (Jared Gilmore) and finally getting back home. HollywoodLife.com spoke with Rose McIver about the crucial role Tinkerbell will play in these last few Neverland episodes, and whether or not we'll see her in Storybrooke!

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Read On For Our Q&A With Rose McIver:

>> Tinkerbell is one of Disney’s most iconic characters. What did you purposely bring to the Once version to make her uniquely your own?

What’s cool is that because the story is so full, and the character is so three-dimensional — she’s jealous and possessive, but also encouraging and delightful — my job was to also bring the grounded, human element to her. She’s a fairy, but as you see, her wings are taken away. So I had to play someone who’d lost their sense of identity.

>> And how was all that green screen work?

I’ve actually gotten to do a bit of green screen in the past, so I was used to it. But because Tinkerbell is a green fairy, we were working with a blue screen — which would have been fine, except for her scenes with the blue fairy, where she needed a green screen behind her.

>> In the promos for Sunday’s episode, we see Tinkerbell standing alongside the others. Will she be fighting, too?

Well, she’s been fending for herself in Neverland for a long time, so she definitely has some street smarts. And she has a dagger! [Laughs.] There’s definitely some good action.

>> It also looks like the characters are finally getting a change of clothes. Will Tinkerbell, too?

Well, it’s about the environment that we’re in. Clothes are affected by where we are, so maybe there’s a shift in our environment. Tinkerbell, however, seems pretty stuck in her costume. She is aiming to get her wings back, though, so that would be a glamorous change of costume.

>> Her relationship with Pan is still pretty unclear. Will we learn more about that?

We do learn more about Tinkerbell’s backstory in Neverland, pieces of it, and there’s so much more still to come. She’s at least a hundred years old by now, so there’s a lot to learn! We do jump around and find out more about where she’s from and who she is.

>> Any chance we’ll see Tinkerbell, or a version of her, in Storybrooke?

Well, I’d say that in the next couple episodes, there are some pretty big changes of scene that might answer that question.

>> Who would you want to work with that you haven’t so far?

I met joAnna Garcia up in Vancouver. I think she such a lovely person. She plays such a fantastic Ariel, and j think Tjlerbell and Ariel could be white a dynamic little combo.

HollywoodLifers, what’s your take on season three? With only four episodes left in 2013, how do you hope to see this Neverland drama play out? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

— Andy Swift

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