Renee Zellweger: Experts Believe She Had Plastic Surgery

Did she or didn't she? Fans were asking the question after new photos surfaced of Renee on Nov. 2 looking a bit different. We spoke to numerous plastic surgeons to get their expert opinions on whether she had work done! Renee Zellweger looked fresh-faced and amazing at a screening of the movie Long Shot: The Kevin Laue Story on Nov. 2 in Burbank, Calif. But is the 44-year-old gracefully aging or is she getting some help from a dermatologist? spoke to four plastic surgeons EXCLUSIVELY to bring you the truth!

Renee Zellweger Face
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Renee Zellweger’s Face — Experts Speak About Plastic Surgery

Dr. Brian Glatt, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Morristown, NJ, says it doesn’t look like Renee had a nose job, but it does appear she got a chin implant:

Weight loss can even make a person’s nose appear slimmer as Ms. Zellweger’s does post weight-loss. It does not appear as if she has had rhinoplasty. While weight loss can certainly eliminate the appearance of a double chin, in Renee’s case, the chin is actually elongated, which is not something that can be attributed to weight loss. Although I have not treated Ms. Zellweger it is pretty safe to say based on this photo that she has had a chin implant. The result is attractive without giving the jawline a look that is too masculine. The added length to her face seems to make the rest of her features “pop” giving her face a look that is overall quite striking.

Renee has always had small eyes. By losing volume in her cheeks through weight loss, it makes her eyes more outstanding. Nothing in the shape or angle of her eyes has changed and nor has her brow position.  Aside from the likely chin implant and the continued use of botox (since the “before” pictures of Renee show her forehead wrinkle free), the rest of the facial changes appear to be weight loss related.

More Doctors Weigh In

Dr. Barry M. Weintraub, a national spokesperson for the American Board of Plastic Surgery, doesn’t believe Renee has had any significant procedures:

It does not appear that she had a blepharoplasty (eyelid lift), as she still has some hooding on the upper eyelid, although fat or fillers can be conservatively put into the upper eyelid (just below the brow) to give the appearance of “bedroom eyes.” Renee, like all of us, is maturing as an actor, and as we mature, we lose facial volume.  This can be counteracted with the transplantation of one’s own fat, or with fillers properly placed.

Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Yael Halaas says that she is doing more superficial (and attainable) procedures for her youthful-looking skin:

Her skin is radiant and shows that she has been likely doing facials, peels and possibly laser treatments to maintain that perfect complexion. I would specifically recommend photo facials (intense pulse light), superficial chemical peels, and Perfective Ceuticals brightening system for women who want to look like a celebrity. Her eyebrows are lower and straighter. This can occur with age and also with the use of Botox to maintain a smooth wrinkle free brow.

Dr. Shirley Madhere, M.D., P.C., can’t come to a definitive conclusion, but perhaps that’s the whole point!

One of the marks of a skillful plastic surgeon is that the results may leave one guessing, “Did she or didn’t she?” One of the marks of a talented actress is that she may change or adjust her appearance to adapt to any role — whether by intentional weight loss, deft makeup application, or other means. The photos do show differences to Ms. Zellweger’s facial contours — in the overall shape of her face, her brow position, and the angle of her jawline. Regardless of any perceived physical and superficial changes, however, the more important things to note are that she is talented, personable, and well-respected for her craft. These, I surmise, are also a part of the beauty equation.

Do you think Renee has had plastic surgery or is her flawless skin just from facials and lasers? Tell us in the comments, HollywoodLifers!

— Dory Larrabee

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