‘Nashville’ Recap: The Fate Of Rayna’s Music Career Is Revealed

In the best episode of the season (so far), 'Nashville' finally answered the question we've been waiting for: Will Rayna James get her voice back? Emotions were high and battle lines were drawn on the Oct. 23 episode of Nashville. Rayna's (Connie Britton) voice was tested, Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) made a surprising offer, and someone was put behind bars!

Nashville Recap
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Despite the emotional breakup between Rayna and Deacon (Charles Esten) a few weeks back, Deacon seemed to be moving on with his life. After his date in the last episode, Megan (Christina Chang) decided to stay the night. Even when Scarlett (Clare Bowen) walked in, he looked a little smug. I’m totally digging this new romance, and if they aren’t having second thoughts about it, then neither am I.

Nashville’s Songstresses Are Put To The Test

Juliette was more than ready to get her tour up and running again. However, at a press conference, she wasn’t asked about her music. One reporter asked about Rayna’s voice condition, to which Juliette was mature and didn’t say anything about the rumors — but she also wanted the attention just on her. Another reporter asked if she wanted someone special in her life, and although she said she didn’t need one special someone, we all know that’s a lie. Anyone else thinking Avery (Jonathan Jackson)? I sure am!

Meanwhile, Scarlett was getting quizzed for her press line appearances. Her team said her presence needed work, and they wanted to take certain moments from her life to craft a compelling story.

Layla (Aubrey Peeples) was really nice to a nervous Scarlett; almost too nice. She told Scarlett to just be herself and not put on a fake show for the press. Too bad this was all Mean Girls-strategy to get Scarlett to seem aloof! Even though Scarlett looked amazing, she got flustered when asked about Deacon. Layla was showing off a sinister smirk and Will (Chris Carmack) caught on to her fake act.

Now, to the most integral Nashville star. Rayna had been working on her voice, but she felt like it was never going to heal. Executive producer Jeff (Oliver Hudson) thought her career was over and Rayna didn’t like that one bit. Rayna James doesn’t give up without a fight!

Deacon Helps Rayna Face Her Fears

After Juliette let it slip about Rayna’s voice to Deacon, Deacon confronted Rayna about her voice. He repeatedly asked her, “Can you sing?” until she finally responded, “I don’t know!” An “I don’t know” is not going to cut it for me, Rayna.

Deacon said he was done being someone’s guitarist, and Rayna told him never to say he was done with music. He said the same thing applied to her.

At the Grand Ole Opry event that inducted Juliette, Rayna was forced to test her voice. Luke Wheeler (Will Chase), the new hottie in Nashville, asked her to sing. She tried to avoid it, but with no success. At first, Rayna struggled through the song, but Luke came in for the save along with the audience.

However, this poignant moment allowed Rayna to belt it out and prove to everyone she’s still got it! In your face, Jeff! I’d be lying if I said I didn’t tear up during this scene. Props to Connie Britton for this performance.

Deception Is A Family Affair

Tandy (Judith Hoag) sold out Lamar (Powers Boothe) to the police in the last episode because she discovered he was involved in her mother’s death. However, in order to receive immunity and not be charged as a co-conspirator, Tandy had to sign on the dotted line not to speak about the case to anyone, even Rayna.

Earlier, Rayna had talked to Lamar about leaving Edgehill Records and taking her label with her. She said she needed $20 million. First off, say what?! He seemed genuinely happy that Rayna had come to him for help. Too bad this family is about to go up in flames.

While Rayna was performing, Lamar was arrested for racketeering, conspiracy, and extortion. Lamar thought it was Teddy (Eric Close) that sold him out. Nope, just your own daughter. Wait till Rayna finds out about all this.

Juliette Tries To Make Up For Past Wrongs

For her new tour, Juliette wanted to take a guy to get the audience “all hot and bothered.” Her manager brought up Avery, but she refused that offer.

She gave Will a chance to audition and he got the spot. Yay!

Juliette also hit up Deacon’s to talk about the tour. She wanted him back on the road with her, but he turned down her offer because it hurt too much to play. Sigh.

My second favorite scene of the night came when Juliette apologized to Avery. After getting accepted into the Grand Ole Opry, she said the first thing that came to her mind was “I can’t wait to tell Avery.” As a Juliette/Avery shipper, I am fangirling over this. Like Deacon, she wanted Avery to come back on the road with her. However, he turned her down, too. He said it’s not the job for him and he wanted to work on his own music. She gave him the keys to her studio as a nice gesture. I really hope he rethinks his decision. Like seriously, he better change his mind.

Other Notes Worth Mentioning:

1. Gunnar (Sam Palladio) and Zoe (Chaley Rose) got very close in this episode. How close? They slept together! I wonder how this will go over with Scarlett.

2. Rayna finally told Jeff off. She said it was going to be her way or the highway. Jeff, being the awful man he is, didn’t budge. So, Rayna left Edgehill. Praise!

3. After a rough night, Deacon lifted Scarlett’s spirits by engaging in a beautiful duet. It was simply stunning. Seriously, Clare Bowen has musical chemistry with everyone.

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of this week’s Nashville?

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