Kim Kardashian V. Beyonce: Which Engagement Ring Do You Like Better?

It's a battle of the bling! While both stars are walking around with a gigantic flawless Lorraine Schwartz diamond on their ring finger, do you have a favorite? VOTE. At first I found it surprising that Kanye West would pop the question to Kim Kardashian using a Lorraine Schwartz sparkler after the fate of her last Lorraine Schwartz engagement ring, however Kim is clearly a big fan of the jeweler's exquisite work -- not to mention the fact that Beyonce also has a flawless sparkler by the celebrity jeweler! Check out their gorgeous rings and let us know which one you like better.

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Kim Kardashian’s Engagement Ring:

I understand that raising this question is exactly the type of thing that causes Kanye to have a total temper tantrum — sorry, Kanye! (I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking it). After all, when it comes to engagements, (and rings), there’s always those girls that get kind of crazy and competitive when it comes to their bling — and they often wind up dropping hints and gravitating towards rings that are strikingly similar to those of other girls they know. (Isn’t imitation just the best form of flattery?) If this happens in everyday girl world, it would be ridiculous to think that it couldn’t happen in the celebrity sphere, where the bling just seems to be getting bigger and bigger — and the players are even more competitive.

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However, given the fact that Kanye had a hand in designing the creation he presented to the reality star tells us that everything about this ring was 100% Kanye. He popped the question on Kim’s 33rd birthday in San Francisco, where he presented her with a flawless, 15-carat Lorraine Schwartz sparkler during a surprise proposal — and it turns out that the stylish rapper had a hand in designing the one-of-a-kind creation.

“Kanye was involved in every single way. He had a vision from the beginning. He looked at a lot of stones and he wanted only the best,” a rep for Lorraine Schwartz told E!. “He and Lorraine emailed back and forth, and stayed up nights discussing how he wanted it to be. He wanted the diamond to look like it was floating on air. Everything was his idea from beginning to end.”

Kanye West’s Engagement Ring To Kim Totally Tops Her Ring From Kris Humphries:

While Kim has come so far from her last marriage and started a family with Kanye, it does feel like she was just engaged. Although her 72-day marriage to NBA player Kris Humphries might be old news, the 20.5-carat sparkler Kris presented to his bride-to-be still seems to be basking in a good amount of media attention — especially since it just sold on auction at Christie’s in NYC on Oct. 15. Now we all know that Kanye was definitely going to top Kim’s larger-than-life ring by getting her a shiny, sparkly diamond that was even better than the first one — and he obviously succeeded!

For those of you who might be saying, “Well, her first ring was bigger,” well, you clearly aren’t focusing in on the details. See her ring from Kanye is completely flawless while her ring from Kris, (which was estimated to value a cool $2,000,000), wasn’t! (Although you would clearly never know it or ever describe a diamond of that caliber as “flawed” — I could practically see my reflection in pictures of that huge rock).

According to Shari Fabrikant of Robert Fabrikant Inc, “Kim’s current ring looks like a very simply set 15-carat cushion shape. If it was a G, internally flawless, it would anywhere from $1,000,000 from a retailer like Lorraine Schwartz. I prefer this ring to her last engagement ring from Kris Humphries. The other stone was quite large with two very large side stones, but if you have a beautiful diamond of substantial size, it should stand alone. Side stones are a distraction from such a large diamond. Her current ring, in my opinion, while it’s large, the style is in good taste.”

And Now For The Big Question — How Does It Stack Up Next To Beyonce’s Engagement Ring?

If Kanye set out to totally blow Kim away with a ginormous, breathtaking diamond that also managed to exceed the large creation that Kris presented to Kim, there’s no question that he definitely succeeded — but what about Beyonce’s ring? Kanye’s BFF Jay-Z gave Queen Bey an 18-carat, flawless emerald-cut diamond when he proposed in 2008.

Kim Kardashian & Beyonce’s Engagement Rings — The Differences:

At first glance, there’s no denying the fact that the rings are both gigantic and composed of flawless diamonds — but upon closer inspection, you can see that Kim’s appears to be more of a cushion-cut, while Beyonce’s is more emerald. There’s also the difference of the bands. While Beyonce’s thin band is visible, Kim’s ring does seem to be “floating” on her ring finger.

Now that you’ve seen both gorgeous rings side-by-side we want to know which sparkler YOU like better. Check them both out and VOTE.

Katrina Mitzeliotis

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