‘Homeland’: Morgan Saylor Previews Dana’s ‘Unstable’ Season Ahead

After last night's shocking premiere, Morgan previews even more of a downward spiral for poor Dana Brody. With so much happening to Carrie (Claire Danes) on the first episode alone -- she's now medicating her bipolar disorder with tequila, having sex with strangers, and was just outed for having sex with Brody (Damian Lewis) -- it's easy to forget that she's not the only one on Homeland struggling with serious issues. HollywoodLife.com recently spoke with Morgan Saylor, who plays Brody's daughter Dana, for the scoop on how Dana's crisis will play out this season.

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Dana’s Descent

Pretty quickly into the season premiere, we learned that Dana tried to kill herself, and is only now rejoining society and adjusting to her old life after being released from a rehab facility.

“She starts out really unstable,” Morgan told us. “She’s dealing with her emotions and making some mistakes. There is also some romance this season [for Dana] and there is some adventure.”

That “romance” Morgan referred to was, of course, Leo (Sam Underwood), the boy she met in rehab. As for the “mistakes,” we got our first look when Dana started sending Leo naked pictures of herself.

Morgan told us that most of Dana’s decisions, both good and bad, are “based on her father’s absence.”

She also promised us that this season will head in unexpected directions for Dana, as the weight of what her father did sinks in — and continues to rob her of a normal, quiet life.

“It really has been the craziest thing ever since the beginning — and it has been a juicy season!”

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— Andy Swift, reporting by Katrina Mitzeliotis

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