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Kristen Stewart Losing Hair Over Robert Pattinson Stress — Report

Kristen is losing her hair from stress stemming from her Robert Pattinson breakup, claims a new report. Keep reading to see how Kristen's friends are rushing to her side. Kristen Stewart, 23, is devastated over her split from Robert Pattinson. Friends fear the stress from Rob ignoring her calls is causing her hair to fall out, says a new report in Now magazine. Keep reading to see how Kristen is dealing with her heartbreak.

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Kristen Stewart Hair Falling Out
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Kristen Stewart’s Hair Falling Out — Stressed Over Robert Pattinson

Kristen is still feeling the repercussions of cheating on Robert with Rupert Sanders in July 2012. Although she’s currently filming the movie Sils Maria in Berlin, Germany, she isn’t focused on work — only on Rob.

According to a September 10 report in Now magazine, a source says:

Kristen’s circle are so concerned about her that two of her friends have flown to Germany to see her. They want to take her to a de-stressing yoga retreat on the outskirts of Berlin. They’ve also begged Rob to visit her on set. They fear the stress is getting worse because she’s been trying to make contact with him and he’s ignoring all of her calls.

The stress of not having Rob in her life has some believing that her hair is thinning and falling out. Her part appeared to show her hair thinning in photos taken in August.

A friend of Kristen told EXCLUSIVELY:

It was Rob’s decision that the two of them not communicate for a while. Rob felt like it was just too difficult for the two of them to move on if they kept in contact. They both want to be able to talk one day, but it’s still too soon and there are too many raw emotions from both sides involved. They both continue to have the utmost respect for each other and love for each other. When they were on speaking terms, it would always eventually lead to tears and it was just too painful for both of them.

Do you think Kristen’s hair is falling out from stress or was her hair just parted weird, HollywoodLifers? Tell us below.

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