‘Sister Wives’ Recap: Meri Makes A Choice About Robyn’s Surrogacy Offer

Now that the Browns are finally settled in their new homes, they can focus on making other big moves -- and big decisions. As the family business starts to gain momentum and Kody Brown plans unique Mother's Day gifts for each of his wives, Meri reveals her answer to Robyn's offer to be her surrogate. The latest episode of TLC’s Sister Wives kicks off with Kody Brown and his wives Meri, 42, Janelle, 44, Christine, 41, and Robyn celebrating their newly achieved closeness by burning Kody's overnight bag. To them, the bag was representative of Kody's detachment from the family as he hustled all over town from house to house. Now that the worst is behind them, the Browns are ready to think about the future -- especially Meri, who finally decides whether she wants to have another baby with Kody. Read on to find out her final answer!

Sister Wives A Wife Decides
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‘Sister Wives’: ‘A Wife Decides’ — Kody Brown Plans Romantic Gifts For His Wives

No one can say Kody isn’t thoughtful! With Mother’s Day approaching, the patriarch of the Brown family decides to celebrate his four wives by designing necklaces for each of them. Kody meets with Gina, the manufacturer for the family jewelry business, My Sister Wife’s Closet, to toss around some ideas. His biggest challenge is to make each of the gifts so unique that none of his wives will be jealous of the others’ necklace. Kody has a very clear vision for Robyn, who we recently discovered was married and divorced before she met him and joined the family. He chooses a phoenix necklace for his most recent wife, who he believes has “risen out of the ashes” of her troubled marriage. How sweet!

Kody sees Meri’s greatest strength as her loyalty, and as he’s trying to think of a symbol that represents that quality, he comes up with the idea of a dog. The room falls silent and Gina wisely says, “No woman wants a gift of a dog representing her and her relationship with you.” Thank goodness she was there to reject that idea because we don’t think Meri would have liked it very much! Instead, Kody opts for a crown with the word “fidelis,” Latin for loyalty. Much better, Kody!

He then chooses a tree for Janelle to represent her stability, and a fairy for Christine to capture her ethereal yet mischievous nature. It’s so sweet that Kody put so much time and thought into these gifts! It’s obvious he really loves each of his wives for exactly who she is.

My Sister Wife’s Closet Has A Big Break

My Sister Wife’s Closet has really been struggling, so the Browns are thrilled when a local casino gives them an opportunity to sell their products in its gift shop. At the same time, Kody and his wives are hesitant because their religion doesn’t exactly promote gambling. But after they make a trip to the casino and see that it has many other family-oriented attractions, they decide to go for it.

It’s a good thing they did because they don’t seem to have many other options. The Browns have been having trouble finding the right retailer in Las Vegas because many businesses don’t want to offend their customers by selling products made by polygamists. Wow! It’s surprising that the Browns are even getting grief for their lifestyle in Sin City, but we’re so glad they finally found a place to sell their jewelry. Hopefully My Sister Wife’s closet will take off for them!

Meri Makes A Decision About Robyn’s Surrogacy Offer

Unlike her sister wives, Meri only has one child with Kody: her daughter, Mariah. Meri really wanted to have another baby, but because she can’t conceive on her own, she has been thinking over Robyn’s offer to be a surrogate for her and Kody.

Meri promised to have an answer for Kody so the two take a hiking trip to have the big talk. Meri really wants Kody to weigh in on the decision, even though he left it completely up to her. Shockingly, he reveals that his gut is telling him they shouldn’t have another baby because nature is against them.

Wow! Meri is blown away by his answer and she says she still wants to explore her options. But ultimately, it’s Kody who decides he just doesn’t want another baby. Poor MerI! She seems truly heartbroken by his decision. It’s so wrong that Kody put her through all that and then pulled the rug out from under her.

Meri doesn’t let Kody see how hurt she is, revealing her true feelings to Robyn instead. Meri gets emotional and tears up as she tells her sister wife what happened, and Robyn also seems pretty surprised by Kody’s decision. Our hearts go out to Meri! She clearly feels alone and isolated from her sister wives because they all have multiple children with Kody and she only has one. Kody doesn’t seem to understand that once Mariah leaves, Meri will be an only nester while he will still be raising children with his other wives.

Even though she is hurting, Meri tries to stay positive, saying, “I don’t want to have a child just to feel like I’m included.” She’s so brave! This is definitely a big blow for Meri, but she is so strong and she will get through this. Especially because Christine, Robyn and Janelle’s children all see Meri as their mother too. This is definitely one time the Browns’ unique lifestyle works in Meri’s favor.

What do you think about this surprising turn of events, HollywoodLifers? Would YOU be upset with Kody if you were Meri?

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