‘Breaking Bad’: Betsy Brandt Talks Marie’s Discovery & Slapping Skyler

Following Marie's intense fight with Skyler on the Aug. 18 episode of 'Breaking Bad,' Betsy Brandt spoke out about her shocking discovery and why she's worried about Hank. Keep reading for all the scoop! The final episodes of Breaking Bad are proving to be the most intense of the entire series, as evidenced by Marie's (Betsy Brandt) epic slap and her attempt to steal Skyler's (Anna Gunn) baby, Holly, on the Aug. 18 episode.

Marie Slaps Skyler
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Marie Slaps Skyler On ‘Breaking Bad’

On the Aug. 18 episode, titled “Buried,” Hank (Dean Norris) reveals what he knows about Walt (Bryan Cranston) to Skyler, as well as his wife Marie.

As Marie begs for some sort of explanation from Skyler — all she gets is tears — Marie eventually realizes that Skyler knew about Walt’s double life long before two cartel assassins nearly killed her husband. Because of this realization, Marie slaps her sister (hard!) before attempting to kidnap Holly.

“I loved that it was really a gut reaction. I kept saying when we were shooting that day, ‘This is just so sad.’ It broke my heart because their relationship, the bond they had — that’s done. Because that’s definitely a line you just can’t cross, to jeopardize her husband’s life. That’s unforgivable,” Betsy told TV Guide.

‘Breaking Bad’: Series Quickly Coming To The End

With only six episodes left to go, before the series comes to a close on September 29, I’m a bit worried for Marie and Skyler’s relationship.

“[The fact that Walt and Skyler] would be willing to jeopardize Hank’s life and then lie to her about it — that’s a lot to swallow. The big watershed moment was Marie finding out that Walt and Skyler were willing to do that. It would be hard enough [finding out] that only Walt knew. But the fact that Skyler knew and just watched Marie worry about Hank’s safety and not tell her? That’s just painful,” Betsy added.

Now, Marie and Hank are united in revenge — they both want to take Walt down. We’re just not sure who will come out on top: Walt and Skyler or Hank and Marie. Heck, maybe Walt will end up killing Skyler. At this point, anything is game, which is what I absolutely love about this series.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Can Marie ever forgive Skyler?

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