‘Breaking Bad’ Recap: Marie Tries To Kidnap Skyler’s Baby

After Marie finds out that Skyler knew all about Walt's criminal behavior, she slaps her(!) and tries to kidnap the baby! This week, things officially get cray-cray. Poor, Skyler (Anna Gunn). If only she had foreseen what would happen when Hank (Dean Norris) and Marie (Betsy Brandt) discovered Walt's (Bryan Cranston) true identity, perhaps she would have turned him in to authorities when she had the chance.  Now, Skyler is paying for being loyal to her husband -- she's getting physically beaten and begging her sister not to kidnap her daughter!

Marie Kidnaps Skyler's Baby
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Jesse Pinkman’s Plans To Get Rid Of His Money Goes Awry

This episode of Breaking Bad, titled “Buried,” opens with an impoverished man collecting money — money that Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) left behind when he attempted to dispose of his “blood money.” Jesse never went home, though, because the man finds him dazed and confused in the park in the middle of the night. (His foolish decision will help Hank out a bit later…)

Walt Escapes Hank’s Garage & Tries To Track Down Skyler

After he’s confronted in the garage, Walt escapes Hank’s house and tries to call Skyler. Unfortunately for him, she’s already on the phone with Hank! In an act of desperation, Walt races to the car wash, but Skyler’s long gone. Instead, she’s meeting Hank at a diner to “talk.”

Hank whips out a tape recorder and asks Skyler to tell him everything she knows. (Real classy, Hank.) However, she puts up a major roadblock by requesting to speak with a lawyer first. Hank gets feisty, though, and suggests they go rally up the kids for safety reasons, but Skyler throws a tantrum and starts screaming, “Am I under arrest?” before running out of the diner. Hank is left flabbergasted — as are we.

Walt meets with Saul (Bob Odenkirk) and he tries giving the potential fugitive some advice. Step number one — remove the battery from his cell phone, even if that means ignoring an urgent call from Skyler. Saul then lightly suggests killing Hank. However, Walt is not pleased with that idea. (To be honest, though, I wouldn’t be shocked if Walt actually goes through with it before the series ends.)

Thinking quickly, Walt drives out to the desert with barrels of his “blood money” with the intention of burying it all. (May I suggest my backyard instead?)

Marie Confronts Skyler Upon Learning About Walt

Later, Marie knocks on Skyler’s door, rather aggressively. Marie demands some answers while Hank waits outside. Skyler starts crying and Marie starts putting all the pieces together — Skyler nearly attempting suicide as she walked into the pool, Walt’s “gambling addiction” and Hank getting shot. Marie realizes that all of these events are connected.

In a shocking turn of events, Marie slaps Skyler (hard!) and tries to steal the baby! Hank intervenes and — surprisingly — urges Marie to leave the little tyke. In the car, a determined Marie says, “You have to get [Walt.]” Hank, without even saying a word, lets her know that he plans to do just that. (And no joke — I’m officially scared.)

Walt Returns Home

Meanwhile, Walt’s hard at work in the desert, digging a very deep hole. He buries the barrels and memorizes the exact longitude and latitude points. He then returns home to a very freaked out Skyler.

Without saying a word, Walt, who is covered in dirt and sweat before he disrobes to his famous whitey tighties, collapses on the bathroom floor. (Well, burying barrels of money in the desert will certainly do that to a fella). When he wakes up, Walt suggests turning himself in and begs Skyler to keep all the money for their children. However, her suggestion is to stay quiet because she believes Hank is only going on mere speculation — he doesn’t have much, if any, proof that Walt’s guilty. (In my opinion, Skyler was always the smart one. Walt better not kill her.)

Lydia Takes Control Of The New Meth Lab

Lydia (Laura Fraser) pays a visit to the new meth lab, somewhere in the desert. She’s not happy — she feels the new product (meth) doesn’t live up to Heisenberg’s standards. She demands the new cooks do better. She even suggests they rehire Todd because he learned from Walt. However, the beefy guys don’t seem to fond of that idea.

As Lydia’s down in the bunker, trouble happens above. The guys in the bunker tell her to stay there and they go back to ground level to figure out what’s going on. It seems as though Lydia ordered some sort of massacre and everyone gets killed. When the gunshots stop, a man opens the bunker and calls down to her. It’s Todd! Clearly, Lydia had an agenda and now she’ll have her way. (P.S. — I love the visible shots of Lydia’s Louboutins as she treks over dozens of dead bodies. Christian should be proud.)

Hank Sets Out A Plan To Take Down Walt

Back at Hank’s house, Marie urges her husband to tell the DEA about Walt. He says it’s not a good idea and that the day he goes in and tells the DEA about Walt will be the last day he works there because for the last year, the person he’s been chasing all along was his own brother-in-law. (Yeah, definitely embarrassing, dude.)

Hank says he’s not going to the DEA until he has proof. (Well, that may happen sooner than later, thanks to Jesse.)

When Hank returns to work, he’s alerted that Jesse’s currently in holding after he was found with loads of money on him. Clearly, Hank feels that he’s found his lead.

What did you think of tonight’s episode, HollywoodLifers? Will Jesse turn against Walt in return for some sort of plea deal? 

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— Chris Rogers

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