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LIV: Rapper & Model Apologizes To Beyonce For Jay Z Drama

After LIV came forward with her story that Jay-Z hit on her in 2008 while he was with Beyonce, we sat down with the up-and-coming female rapper to get all the EXCLUSIVE details about her alleged rendezvous with Jay. Read on to find out what LIV has to say about causing all this drama. LIV's claim that Jay Z tried to make her his "in-town chick" first came to light when she called him out in her track “The Invasion: Part 2.″ Since then, she has dished about her encounters with the famous rapper in an interview with PNC radio -- and now with Despite her loose lips, LIV insists she isn't trying to sink ships -- she has nothing but love and respect for Jay's wife, Beyonce.

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LIV Jay Z Cheating
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LIV On Jay Z Cheating Scandal — Would-Be Mistress Apologizes To Beyonce

LIV, who claims Jay Z tried to get her digits both times they met, swears she “didn’t put this track out to out Jay Z.”

“The song about my life has been construed into something it’s not. I was not saying he cheated on her with me. I was saying I was given the opportunity to compromise myself and I took the route to not do that,” LIV tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Although she didn’t seem to have any reservations about compromising Jay Z and Beyonce’s relationship by spreading her story, LIV insists that she didn’t mean to cause any trouble for the couple. So what would she say to Bey if she had the chance?

I would tell Beyonce the drama is unintentional, the respect is real. If you listen to the song, you’ll understand why I came out with the story. I’m not sorry, it happened, but I’m going to express my story in my songs. I do apologize for how you feel — I love her and respect her. The reason I didn’t go there and pursue something with Jay is because of Beyonce. It’s not intentional to hurt her or embarrass her or put her business out there.

As for Jay Z, LIV says, “I know he’s watching and paying attention. I personally don’t have any issues with them. I’m starting an invasion movement.”

“My whole movement is just I’m basically taking hip hop and saying I can make it better,” LIV says. “But you have all the artists f***ing each other — it’s no longer about putting out good music, it’s about who is f***ing who.”

Did Jay Z Cheat On Beyonce With Model, LIV? — Truth Revealed

LIV says she first met Jay Z when he sat next to her on the set of a Budweiser commercial shoot in Miami in 2008, not long before Jay and Beyonce tied the knot.

“He was nothing but a gentleman,” LIV tells Radar Online. “It was one of those things where we really connected. We talked, and left each other on that note.”

“Then one of his bodyguards approached me and said, ‘Jay wants your number. He’s gonna call you when he’s back in town,’” LIV claims.

“I was like, that’s so wrong. One, that’s really immature to send the bodyguard to get my number. Two, I’m not somebody that would just get a call when he’s in town.”

She adds, “I wasn’t going to disrespect B like that.”

“I was hoping that maybe we could meet up at the studios or something,” she explains. “In my mind, I was hoping for so much more.”

LIV says she and Jay Z had another run-in in Miami a few months later — this time under the watchful eye of Beyonce’s sister Solange — and they exchanged numbers but never reconnected after that.

Well, LIV has said her piece. Usually we say where there’s smoke, there’s fire, but this time, we smell a liar! LIV claims she would never disrespect Beyonce, but she’s still dishing about her alleged rendezvous with Jay Z left and right — as if that wouldn’t be hurtful to B! LIV just doesn’t seem very credible to us.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Was LIV’s apology to Beyonce sincere? Let us know!

WATCH: LIV Talks About Jay Z On PNC Radio

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— Reporting by Chloe Melas, Written by Tierney McAfee

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