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Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran’s Ice Cream Date: Budding Romance?

Taylor and Ed visited Mel’s Downtown Creamery in Pawcatuck, CT on July 29, where they took part in the Big Kahuna challenge! During the eating contest, Taylor did everything she could to support Ed. Do you smell romance in the air? Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran are spending quite a bit of time together, as the red-haired hunk is the opener on Taylor's Red Tour. Could their friendship be turning into a hot romance?

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Ed Sheeran Taylor Swift Ice Cream Date
Image Credit: Courtesy of E. Bass/Stonington Patch/Getty/Mel’s Downtown Creamery

Ed Sheeran & Taylor Swift Ice Cream Date — Fun At Mel’s Downtown Creamery

Inside Mel’s Downtown Creamery in Pawcatuck, CT on July 29, Ed, 22, reportedly wanted to compete in the Big Kahuna challenge, a $19.99 sundae with eight scoops of ice cream, seven toppings, brownie, banana and loads of whipped cream.

Taylor, 23, showed her support for her special friend by cheering him on, playing “Eye of the Tiger” on her phone and snapping photos. Ed allegedly struggled a bit, but completed the challenge in 30 minutes. Subsequently, his photo was placed on the Kahuna Wall of Fame!

Ed & Taylor’s Ice Cream Date: An Eyewitness Shares All

Nicole Deacon, who witnessed the entire challenge, tweeted a play-by-play of Taylor and Ed’s ice cream date:

Ed kept drooling Ice cream and coughing and Taylor just goes ew and cracks up laughing. [I] cannot believe we literally ran into Taylor and Ed today. Ate ice cream and shared a bunch of laughs — Best birthday ever. They also listened to “Don’t Stop Believing.” Ed kept looking at his Ice cream and saying ‘I won’t stop believing.’ Taylor kept asking people for tips to give Ed, so he could finish his ice cream. She said ‘you can’t let these people down’. When Ed went to the bathroom to get sick, Taylor goes ‘I should probably go check on him.’

Aw — so sweet! Taylor really cares about Ed and wants to see him succeed! Whether or not they are dating, we think they’d make a cute couple!

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Should Taylor and Ed date?

WATCH: Ed Sheeran “Big Kahuna Challenge” With Taylor Swift

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