‘Teen Wolf’ Recap: The Darach’s Identity Is Finally Revealed

Plus, Lydia is a WHAT now? As Reese Witherspoon would say, mid-incarceration, this episode was 'beyond.' There was a whole lot of finger pointing going on during the July 29 episode of Teen Wolf. Allison (Crystal Reed) spent most of the hour convinced her dad was the Darach, while Scott (Tyler Posey) accused Ms. Morrell of being behind all of this season's brutal murders. As it turns out, they were BOTH wrong!

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Ready to be spoiled? Don’t say I didn’t warn you… Oh, who am I kidding? If you didn’t watch the episode, and you’re still reading this, you deserve to be spoiled.

Ms. Blake Is The Darach!

Jennifer (Haley Webb) taught her most important lesson yet at the end of the episode, revealing herself to be the all-powerful killer everyone’s been scurred of for the past nine weeks. Apparently, she’s not quite as pretty as Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) would like to think.

You know how The A-Team‘s Hannibal always says, “I love it when a plan comes together?” Well, I love it when Teen Wolf starts to make sense; and tonight, it finally did. The human sacrifices have all been happening according to a five-point celtic symbol, divided into the following categories:  virgins, warriors, healers, philosophers and guardians. That’s how Jenny’s been selecting her victims.

Is Stiles’ Dad Dead?

Unfortunately, her final victim appeared to be Stiles’ dad, as she stabbed him and took off with his body. But could he really be dead?! That can’t happen! There isn’t room in the McCall house for Scott, Isaac (Daniel Sharmanand Stiles (Dylan O’Brien), is there?

I guess bunk beds are in order!

But for real, though, I’ll be very sad if Stiles’ dad dies. Not only is he finally clued into all the werewolf goings-on, but there’s also a spark between him and Scott’s mom that needs to be ignited! Did anyone else catch her compliment his “handsome face?” 3, 2, 1… Shipping them!

Lydia Is A Banshee!

Yes, you read that right. After two-and-a-half seasons of wondering what Lydia (Holland Roden) really is, we finally got our answer this week. She’s a freakin’ banshee! The big reveal came when Scott heard her blood-curdling screams for help, and Ms. Blake referred to her as “The Wailing Woman.”

We all knew Lydia was a screamer — especially that nameless dude she bedded on the season premiere — but I never expected this. I figured she might turn out to be Scott’s emissary, but this reveal was so much cooler.

(Jeff Davis, you sneaky little genius.)

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HollywoodLifers, were you surprised by the Darach’s identity? What do you think (or fear) will happen next? Drop your review of the episode, and your theories for the coming weeks, in a comment below!

— Andy Swift

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