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‘Bachelorette’ Recap: [Spoiler] Leaves, Desiree Hartsock Is Left Heartbroken

It's fantasy suite time! Desiree was left heartbroken on the July 29 episode of 'The Bachelorette,' when the overnight dates did not quite go to plan. Instead of having sexy times, Desiree was left in tears because one contestant decided to leave, leaving Des blindsided and shocked. This was easily the most unsexy overnight date episode of The Bachelorette ever. Desiree Hartsock was left blindsided when one sexy suitor decided that he did not want to be on the show anymore. In the most explosive episode EVER, Desiree and her three remaining guys travelled to the Caribbean, where two guys enjoyed the perks of the fantasy suite, but one threw Des through a loop -- and into a sea of big, fat tears -- when he announced that he did not feel the same way as her. So, which guy broke Desiree's heart?

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Brooks Leaves The Bachelorette
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Desiree Hartsock Hangs Out With Drew

Desiree and Drew get a car and drive all around the island, and Desiree is quick to comment that he has a good body. Well, at least she can think of something good about dating Drew. Drew get their limbo on at a festival, and then they make out during a picnic. And then later on the beach in the rain. Its just like The Notebook!

After the get swept off the beach, they got back to a private room, and Drew is ready to show Des “how in love” is with her, and that he “wants to spend the rest of my life” with her. Barf. The cameras follow them right into the bedroom, and I’m starting to wonder if this is going to be an adult film. Thankfully, the camera’s eventually leave so we dont have to listen to more kissing noises/pretend that Drew is not a confirmed Bachelor.

Chris & Desiree’s One On One Date

Chris and Des go on a romantic helicopter date over the Caribbean, and Chris can’t stop commenting on the colors, and I predict some bad poetry in Des’ future. Des and Chris drink cocktails on the beach, and this truly is the meaning of bliss. Desiree talks about the “physical connection” she has with Chris, and that is clear from their beach make out session alone! I’m slightly frightened when the waves rush in that this season could have a seriously tragic ending, but later it is like a scene From Here To Eternity when they kiss in the sea.

When they talk about the future, Chris talks about living in Seattle, and Des does not seem keen. Not one bit. Des says she is “open to moving to Seattle,” but I am not one bit convinced. Des and Chris have a really cute date, and you know he takes up the fantasy suite offer. It’s just so creepy that Chris Harrison‘s name is on the invite, and he is encouraging them to do the nasty.

Chris writes Des ANOTHER poem, and yes, his poetry still sucks. I’m surprised that Des doesn’t revoke the fantasy suite date. Instead, he gets an invite to the hot tub, and it gets pretty steamy. No pun intended.

Brooks Breaks Desiree’s Heart

Des’s date with Brooks was the saddest part of the show, as he decided to break her heart into a million little pieces.

Desiree and Brooks discuss adjectives at the beginning, and it is clear that the do not know the difference between an adjective and a verb. Then, their fantasy suite does not go to plan.

Brooks has a fake conversation with host Chris, where he says that Des is “not the love of my life,” and that he does not want to propose. He does not have a “crazy love for her” and things are getting deep. Brooks decides that he does not want to be on the show anymore, and he goes to meet Desiree to tell her that he is not happy. I must add that earlier this episode, Des had said that she had “deeper feelings” for him than the other two guys.

Brooks brings Des onto to the dock to talk about his “feelings,” and here come the waterworks. Poor Des can’t stop crying, and this really is heartbreaking. Why is it that the guy she likes the most is such a coward?! Brooks runs his hands through his hair a lot, and I genuinely do not know what will happen. It really seems that Brooks has no idea what he wants, and that is the biggest recipe for relationship drama.

Personally I am disappointed on many levels — Brooks is a baby, and furthermore where is the sexy fantasy suite time I was expecting?! Des is a brave girl when she tells Brooks she loves him regardless, and that he “broke her heart,” but somehow I don’t think this is the end. Brooks walks a clearly devastated Des back to the mainland, and no amount of tissues will mop up those tears. Not even a ShamWow will do the trick.

The episode ends with NO ELIMINATION, and Des just sits at the end of the dock crying. This has happened to Joey Potter many times on Dawson’s Creek. Brooks is maybe crying even more than her, and he looks truly forlorn as the drives away in the limo. I really don’t know if Des is going to have any happen ending, and I really don’t understand what is going to happen on the August 5 season finale.‘s editor-in-chief Bonnie Fuller thinks that Desiree needs to fight for her love with Brooks, because she loves him much more than the other guys.

What do YOU think HollywoodLifers? Are you shocked that Brooks left the show? Do YOU think Des will find love?

Make out count: #2

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