‘Switched At Birth’: Katie Leclerc Reveals Major Changes For Daphne

Plus, Katie previews Daphne's 'bad road' ahead. Switched At Birth is about to go where no show about baby-swapping has gone before! The July 8 episode presents a 'what if' scenario, in which we see how different the girls' lives would be if Regina (Constance Marie) had come clean about the switch when she first found out. With a cochlear implant and a sassy new attitude, Daphne is the most drastically different character in this alternate reality, and Katie Leclerc told HollywoodLife.com all about the shocking new side to her character.

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Little Daphne was so perfectly cast! Did you get to meet her?

I did! Little Daphne was so cute, I got pictures with her. She was so excited to be on a set that they had to be like, ‘Stop smiling!’ So they’re telling this poor three year old not to smile. … She was so good, and the moment where little Daphne meets little Bae is like, ‘Oh my gosh.’

What was the weirdest part about playing this new version of Daphne?

I didn’t speak in an accent! That was strange for me. Vanessa looked over at me and was like, ‘Something’s not right here.’

Is there anything about the ‘what if’ episode that you wish you could keep?

Strangely enough, we changed my hair part. It seems so insignificant, but we switched it to the other side, and I think I like it better. Fantasy Daphne also had very pumped-up clothing and accessories. My feet didn’t like the episode, but it was cool to live in a Gossip Girl world, as far as the wardrobe went.

What about Vanessa’s wig? I can’t imagine she’d want to keep that.

Honestly, she didn’t hate the wig. Her hair and makeup time is normally 45 minutes, but with the wig, it was like 10.

What did playing this other version of Daphne teach you about your character?

I had such a good time playing a mean-spirited person. I find myself, real-life Katie, more able to relate to regular Daphne than fantasy Daphne. I love smiling. But fantasy Daphne was such a blast; it was so fun to explore how far we could push her. Now, when I have confrontational scenes with Bay or whoever, I channel fantasy Daphne. She is a version of the same character, so there are through-lines between both of them.

Can you tell us what Daphne will be up to in the coming weeks?

Well, Jace has already tried to expose Daphne to a few new things, and the two of them go on a little journey together. It’s probably a bad path for them to be on together. … Aside from that, you know, she took the internship at John’s office, even though she has opposite politics from him. She thinks that, even though she’s working for a Republican, she can learn from him; and maybe he can learn from her. … She needs to step up her game in order to make a change happen, and in doing so, she gets in a little over her head.

HollywoodLifers, are you pumped for tonight’s ‘what if’ episode of Switched At Birth? And what do you think about Daphne’s evolution this season? Drop a comment with all your thoughts below!

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