Selena Gomez ‘Officially’ Dating Justin Bieber But In A ‘Trial Period’

No more beating around the bush! A source close to the Selena and Justin tells EXCLUSIVELY that the couple is officially back on and treating their relationship much more carefully. Sorry Taylor Swift, your bestie Selena Gomez is officially back with Justin Bieber! What started as a reunion has blossomed back into a full-blown relationship. But even though they're back together, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY that Selena and Justin will continue to take things slow to make sure they really want to be with each other.

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Selena Gomez Justin Bieber Dating
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Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber: Dating But Taking Things Slow

“Justin and Selena are dating but they are taking things slow,” the source says. Coming back together now, the couple has years of experience and they’re treating the relationship more maturely this time around. They now know what the stakes are.

“Selena is keeping her heart from being broken, so she is definitely looking at this as a trial period in their relationship,” the source says. “She’s definitely taking [baby] steps back.”

Selena Gomez: Learning From The Past

The source reveals that Selena is trying to learn from her past mistakes — she’s moved on from her last split with Justin, but she isn’t ignoring the lessons it’s taught her. “When they first started to date, it was amazing but they were too young and it was too much,” says the source. “They didn’t even know what love was and she got all mixed up.”

But not this time. We couldn’t be happier that Selena and Justin have fully reunited, and we’re also thrilled that they seem to be approaching the relationship practically and carefully. That sort of caution — making sure it’s the right decision — will pay off in the long run.

They’re both young, they don’t have any reason to rush — Selena seems to understand that. What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Let us know!

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