90210 Series Finale: Silver Didn’t Deserve Her Tragic Ending

Tue, May 14, 2013 6:37pm EST by 18 Comments
90210 Silver Cancer Series Finale
Courtesy of The CW

Silver faced her final — and most brutal — crisis on the show’s final episode. Worst ending ever?

It’s been less than 24 hours since 90210 aired its series finale, and while I’m tickled that Annie (Shenae Grimes) and Liam (Matt Lanter) finally got their heads out of their beautiful butts and became engaged, there’s one less-happy plot point in need of discussing: I can’t believe the show ended with Silver (Jessica Stroup) getting cancer!

No resolution, no silver lining. The girl just has cancer, and that’s it.

But then again, maybe it was the perfect way for Silver’s journey to end. I mean, hasn’t she been consistently dumped on from day one? I believe Silver might be the most unlucky character on television today, and like any good CW journalist, I gathered evidence.

So without further adieu, I present…

Why It Totally Sucks To Be Erin Silver — A Timeline Of Tragedies:

Silver’s crappy life actually started on the original Beverly Hills, 90210. During a season four episode “Thicker Than Water,” her half-brother David fell asleep — this was during his meth/oxy-addiction period, mind you — and lost her at the park.

Flash forward to high school. Silver eventually grew out of her awkward, anti-social phase… only to discover she’s, in fact, bipolar.

She finally reconnected with her estranged mother… who then died of breast cancer.

Losing her mom was tough, but at least Silver had her sister to lean on, right? … Nope. Kelly suddenly disappeared and was never heard from again.

Silver found comfort in the arms of her loving boyfriend, Teddy. Oh, wait… he’s gay.

Her “best friend” Adrianna tampered with her bipolar medication and tried to kill her.

Adrianna then sent a naked picture of Silver to everyone in school.

Thank God high school finally ended, so Silver could get a fresh start in college, right? … Nope. Silver did not get into college.

Flash forward a few more years: Silver put her only viable embryo into a surrogate… but the baby died.

And then Silver found out she has cancer.

The end.

HollywoodLifers, are you disappointed with the end of Silver’s story line on 90210? Drop a comment with your thoughts on her five-year journey.

— Andy Swift

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Posted at 10:53 AM on October 29, 2013  

I think they need to do another episode, just to show how everyone ends up and then we can see Annie and Liam’s baby and there wedding! Also, see what happens to silver and Dixon because they didn’t mention them as much in the last episode and show Navid and Aid finally together and happy and not covered in rubble. Lastly, show what naomi does in the future and have them all meet up.

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Posted at 3:34 AM on October 26, 2013  

I am scatter minded on how Silver’s character ended. I loved her as a person and only wanted to see good things come of her. Does she beat cancer? That’s a huge bomb to drop on the last season and not give any answers. I understand that everyone else had a clear ending but why don’t we got closer with Silver??

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Posted at 1:48 AM on October 17, 2013  

I think It ended how it should have. Other female characters had a happy ending so it’s only apporopriate for a prime time soap to have a dramatic twist. Silver had a messed up childhood no surprise she got cancer but it should show how she lives with it because reality that someone with cancer lives with meds.

Silver – Lives with Cancer and lives a Yolo OutDoorsy Life adventure with New Love Mark, adopts a Child From 3rd World then dies at 30 with Kelly, Brandon and the Old school cast at the funeral.

Naomi – basically becomes a powerful business woman in Beverly Hills and New York and is dating boy toys that are young and buff

Annie & Liam – become a happy family with 4 kids in a home in Malibu and Annie has a Barnes & Noble Happy author Life and Liam has a Movie Star Career

Dixon – Becomes the Next Jay-Z and embraces that life with homes West and east coast

Aid – Becomes a Katy Perry and embraces her music femal pop star life west and east coast

Navid – Being involved with businesses and Aid’s husband and enjoying their bi-coastal, Music/ Mogul Life

Teddy/ His Boyfriend Forgot His name – Happy Family Life in LA or San Francisco does Gay Advocate Charity work with his trust fund money

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Posted at 1:18 AM on October 17, 2013  

wait maybe she survived in the future! Can anyone survive cancer? Mabye Silver did live and started a new love life with Naomi’s husband?

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Posted at 9:34 AM on October 3, 2013  

omg i cant believe it i was hoping that silver survived cancer but she didnt it was sad

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Posted at 10:52 PM on June 1, 2013  

I seriously thought silver would end up pregnant by Mark and end up having 2 children from the spoilers that I read! I was way off apparently!!!

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Posted at 3:55 PM on May 18, 2013  

Silver and Dixon should have had the final scene and happy ending. That is what’s wrong with this show. It had no idea what the lead really was and burned in the ratings department because of it. Lara Olsen was on facebook trying to tout how Mark was suppose to get her pregnant. This women alienated the biggest fanbases with her idiotic aimed for modelish stereotyped couples endings. Anyone in hollywood reads this please never higher that woman or Patti Carr or Rebecca Sinclair again. Sincerely a teen who likes good shows.

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Posted at 6:40 PM on May 16, 2013  

Didn’t it seem like they were insinuating that a bomb was put into Liam’s bag that accidentily got put under the stage? The bomb then went off during the performance causing all of the final episode drama but nothing was ever said of the cause of the bomb or anything? wtf?

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Posted at 4:40 PM on May 16, 2013  

Yes, i almost cried watching the last two episodes. It’s like everything crumbled down. For so many years we’ve been watching it and it was fun but i didn’t expect such a trajic ending. They should have added one more season to it. It would be nice to see Silver’s baby.

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Posted at 12:28 PM on February 18, 2014  

Silver couldn’t have a baby… The girl who carried her baby had a miscarriage

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Posted at 12:44 PM on May 16, 2013  

I wish Silver ended with Mark. And the ending was not like a real ending, they could have ended with a Liam Annie wedding, cheesy but appropriate. Or maybe fast forwarding,

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Posted at 4:34 AM on May 15, 2013  

basically it’s just that every character who was dating in season 1 reunited in the last episode…Naomi became more flirtatious once again…and Silver got cancer?!! Um, hello!! Worst ending ever! 90210 deserves better…hmph

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Posted at 1:17 AM on May 15, 2013  

That’s the funniest thing I ever read! I only saw the first couple of episodes and couldn’t take it. I was a big fan of the original series, but this one was too ridiculous for me to watch. I’m glad I didn’t waste 5 yrs

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Posted at 9:20 PM on May 14, 2013  

I love 90210 and can’t believe it’s already over!!! and feel bad for how Jessica Stroups character had to end like that :(
P.S if you try to a follow- up comment i wont recieve it
( i really dont know what that is so idk what im really talking about there)

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Posted at 9:11 PM on May 14, 2013  

I feel so bad for her! And her baby’s heartbeat stopped, I hated that, not because I wanted her to have a baby but more for how much time was put into that.
She was with every male lead but ended up with no one. Worst luck ever, in health and life in general.

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Posted at 12:59 AM on February 22, 2014  

Did she ever date Liam?

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Posted at 7:29 PM on May 14, 2013  

ladies like her never do.

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Patricia Van Alders

Posted at 7:06 PM on May 14, 2013  

I have been a BIG fan of 90210 the past 5 years! Never missed it……….I agree Silver had a bad ending……I was hoping Dixon & Silver would re-connect, or at least Silver would end of with gorgeous gay Teddy!

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