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90210 Recap: Adrianna’s Final Scheme Goes Up In Flames

Plus, Silver suffers a surprise tragedy, setting the stage for the saddest series finale ever. We've seen Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) pull some pretty sick shenanigans during the past five seasons — she's basically Satan with boobs — but on the May 6 episode of 90210, karma finally came back to bite her. And by "bite her," I mean "rain down fire directly onto her head."

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90210 Season 5 Episode 21
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Ade sang ‘her’ contest-winning song after Fall Out Boy at a big fancy venue, and her performance brought the house down — literally. The lights exploded, kids were screaming; it was Carrie up in there. So is Ade, like, dead? For now, let’s just focus on the three super-insane acts that delivered Adrianna into her karma fire:

1. “All Silver cares about is that baby.” That’s a direct quote.

2. She recorded a 16 & Pregnant marathon for Navid (Michael Steger Jr.) because she thought it would be “nostalgic.”

3. When she thought Michaela died, she was visibly relieved, just so she wouldn’t have to tell anyone she was sleeping with Navid again.

So yeah, Adrianna got lit on fire. It sucks, but she had to have expected this to happen eventually.

Silver’s Horrible Life Becomes Even Worse

Meanwhile, Silver (Jessica Stroup) somehow had an even worse day than Ade — who, I repeat, was literally lit on fire. With Michaela on the lam, Teddy (Trevor Donovan) came back to Beverly Hills just to be a total dick to Silver. He would say brash things like, “Stop blaming your problems on other people,” and such!

And when Silver finally located her human-uterus, in a bar no less, Michaela revealed that she had a miscarriage! The episode suddenly became super-heavy, and if that wasn’t devastating enough, Silver had to return to the hospital after her doctor expressed new concerns.

So far, zero characters seem to be getting happy endings — and with only one episode left, I’m starting to wonder if things will turn around for everybody. Or anybody.

Annie & Liam Continue To Deny The Obvious

Speaking of closure, Annie (Shenae Grimes) and Liam (Matt Lanter) are about to put a whole lot of distance between them — not that either of them leaving the country makes any damn sense. Liam is moving to Australia with Sydney, who sucks; and Annie is escaping to Paris because she, like, can’t deal with all the drama, you know?

Annie may be many things — a hit-and-run murderer, a prostitute, a best-selling erotic novelist, etc. — but being lucky in love is nowhere on that list. She and Liam even came across the engagement ring he gave her last season, yet they still couldn’t man up about their feelings.

I do predict good things for “Leo and Annabelle” next week, though. And that’s not just a hunch.

Naomi Makes A Deal With The Devil

…Or did the Devil make a deal with Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord)? Either way, she took the fall for Elizabeth (Keke Palmer), who accidentally let this random Japanese party prince overdose on pills. So by standing in as the “mystery woman,” Naomi repaid her debt to the Evil Judge Cheryl, thus freeing Jordan (Robbie Jones) from her treacherous no-dating policy.

It felt like Naomi was playing Scandal, and it was fun.

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What’s your take on this week’s episode? How do you want the series to end (next week)? Drop a comment with your review!

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