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How To Get Full, Gorgeous Eyebrows Like Sofia Vergara

Do you wish you had thick brows like 'Modern Family' star Sofia? She looks gorgeous on the June 2013 cover of 'Cosmopolitan.' We got a brow expect to spill exactly how you can get movie-star brows like Sofia! Sofia Vergara is rocking sexy, bold brows on the cover of Cosmo and now you can get the look! Vanita Parti, Founder of UK's Blink Brow Bar, is speaking out on how to grow out your brows, and how to fill them in with pencil until you get to your desired look. Read on for our EXCLUSIVE interview!

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How To Grow Eyebrows — Tips From A Top Brow Expert

Blink Brow Bar’s stateside location is inside Henri Bendel in New York City. Called B London, it’s a favorite of stars like Lady Gaga and Emma Watson! Check out Vanita’s expert tips!

How can you make your brows grow?

Patience is required! Decide where your new eyebrow boundary is and ensure that you don’t touch beyond this. Only when you have full growth should you shape your brows. B Nourishing Brow Oil will help promote brow growth.

How can you select the correct pencil? How should you fill in brows?

The pencil should be one shade darker than your brows. Wax-based pencils like our B Eyebrow Pencils work the best. Stroke your brow pencil in the direction of your hair growth and use the smudge to blend in — this will even brows and fill in gaps. The Cinnamon Spice shade is a hot seller for blonde and sparse brows, and Indian Chocolate is perfect for darker brows.

Are big brows like Sofia’s trendy right now?

Big brows are the current trend, but it is essential to have groomed brows. Sofia’s brows are beautifully shaped, even and dark — they are also particularly long. Remember that your brows should always begin at the bridge of your nose and end at a diagonal from the end of your eye — and don’t ever shorten them! B Eyebrow Gel is perfect for adding color and keeping brows in place. While there are many brow products on the market, a professional thread is the best was to ensure symmetry and a clean finish.

Do you like thick brows, HollywoodLifers?

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