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Queen Of Versailles Jackie Siegel Admits She Dated Donald Trump

The wife of entrepreneur David Siegel, who was featured in a documentary about the largest home in America she was building with her hubby, reportedly used to date real estate tycoon Donald Trump! It looks like Jackie Sigel, not only loves huge real estate -- she's attracted to the powerful men who build them! The star of the revealing documentary Queen of Versailles, which showed Jackie and her husband David Siegel as they struggle to build and pay for the largest home in America, confessed to going on a couple dates with billionaire Donald Trump.

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Jackie Siegel Donald Trump Dated

Queen Of Versailles & Real Estate King Donald Trump

Jackie and her husband had been building a $90,000-square-foot mansion, modeled after France’s Palace of Versailles, which would be the largest single-family home in the United States. But the documentary revealed the struggles the couple encountered to finish their home, and pay for the work they had planned to complete.

Since David is a timeshare mogul, who made a fortune on his real estate deals, it’s no surprise the couple is friendly with The Donald. But the former Miss Florida also revealed that she went on a couple dates with The Apprentice star! When asked if there were truth to the rumors they had dated, she replied “kind of.”

“We just went out a couple times,” she revealed to The Huffington Post. “Like, he invited us to Mar-a-Lago and go to his parties and things like that. He’s a really great person. So much charisma. I’m so glad that we’re still friends.”

But the two are just in a platonic relationship now. “Kind of. We’re friends…we’re still friends now.”

Good thing  they can all be such good friends! What do YOU think of Jackie dating Donald, HollywoodLifers? Does that surprise you?

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— Christina Stiehl 

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