Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries Are Officially Divorced

Kim and Kris' marriage came to an end on April 19 when a judge dissolved it during a court hearing. A source tells that Kris finally 'caved in' and now we have his official statement about the divorce! Kim Kardashian will be able to have her baby as a non-married woman ... unless she and Kanye West tie the knot before the baby is born. Two sources very close to the situation tells that Kim and Kris Humphries reached a divorce settlement on April 19!

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Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries’ Divorce Settlement

A source tells that Kim and Kris have come to a divorce settlement after a year and a half of battling. They were only married for 72 days!

This means that Kris will NOT get an annulment like he wanted, and Kim will get her divorce.

“It’s true! It’s done!” the source tells us. “Everyone is very happy. Kris caved in, finally.”

The source goes on to tell us why Kris eventually gave Kim a divorce after holding out for so long.

“He knew it was impossible to win and he would be publicly humiliated,” the insider says. “He will be signing the papers and sending them in this morning [since he’s not showing up to court].”

A second source tells us: “A judge knew there was no fraud and urged Kris to move on.”

Kris’ Statement To About The Divorce

“Kris and his family are excited to move forward and are grateful for all of the support they have received in this process,” his rep told us in a statement. “His commitment to the Brooklyn Nets and the team’s incredible fans is his number one priority and he is excited to head into the playoffs tomorrow with this situation behind him.”

Kris & Kim’s Marriage Dissolved

The judge opted to dissolve the marriage, and has signed off on the divorce papers.

As part of the divorce agreement, Kris agreed to drop his demand for an annulment based on fraud and each party will pay their own legal fees.

Now Kim and Kris don’t have to head to trial on May 6, and now Kim can have her baby girl this summer as a free woman!

WATCH: Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries’ Divorce Is Officially Settled

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