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‘Glee’ Recap: School Tragedy Leads To Major Secrets Being Revealed

'Glee' delivered it's most emotional and powerful episode ever on April 11 as a traumatic event rocks McKinley High. Plus, Ryder comes face-to-face with his online love, Katie, and the result is shocking. Glee co-creator and executive producer Ryan Murphy warned us that the April 11 episode would be "emotional" and he didn't lie. He tweeted on April 3, "Just saw the rough cut of next week's 'Shooting Star'. It is the most powerful emotional Glee ever. So proud of the cast & crew." This is a definite understatement.

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Glee Recap School Shooting
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‘Glee’ Recap — School Shooting

During a New Directions rehearsal, focused on “last chances” to share one’s feelings, two shots ring out in the halls of McKinley High. It’s a heart-stopping moment that threatens to turn the students’ worlds upside down! All of the harrowing action is confined to the choir room, where Will and Beiste immediately turn off the lights and find hiding places for the students, trying to squash any attention that may attract the shooter.

Artie takes out his camera phone and records his peers’ messages to their loved ones, just in case.

Brittany cowers in the ladies’ room, standing on top of the toilet, tears dripping down her face, hoping to see the light of tomorrow.

When the FBI announces that it’s all clear, it’s revealed that the shooter was never identified. During a private conversation in the staff room, Sue reveals to Beiste and Will that it was her gun.

Sue meets with Principal Figgins and he says he has no other choice but to terminate her (or suspend?). Either way, Sue packs her bags and leaves McKinley High behind.

Sue Keeps A Secret & Jeopardizes Her Career

Following the shooting and Sue’s termination, it’s revealed (through flashbacks) that Becky was the one who brought a gun to school and accidentally fired two shots. In order to protect Becky, Sue confesses that she brought a gun to school and it accidentally fired off as she was cleaning it.

Will senses that Sue’s story isn’t the full truth.

Brittany Confesses Her Love For Someone & Sam Gets Jealous

In fear of getting hit by an asteroid (Brittany believes one is aimed at Lima), Brittany confesses her love for Lord Tubbington. Sam gets jealous, so he ends up buying Brittany a second cat — one they can call their own.

Ryder Meets Katie In Person — Catfishing Continues

Ryder, eager to meet his online pen pal, sees Katie walking through the hallway at school (pre-school shooting). He confronts her and invites her to the choir room. Giddy, and clearly ecstatic that Ryder would even notice her, she complies. Ryder does a little dance with her and sings her a song. Afterwards, she questions his intentions. He brings up their online chats and she seems dumbfounded. Sadly, Katie is not really the person that Ryder’s been talking to.

Angry and hurt, Ryder calls “Katie’s” phone number during the school shooting. A phone rings from someone’s bag — someone inside the choir room. Ryder never finds out who the phone belongs to because Will is very adamant about no one making any sudden movements.

Before the close of the episode, Ryder asks his Catfish-er to meet him outside the choir room at 3:30 PM. Sadly, no one comes to meet him and he’s still left in the dark regarding his online pen pal’s identity.

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WATCH: Glee – ‘Shooting Star’ (Intense Moments After Gun Shots)

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