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Jonathan Knight Flees The Stage During NKOTB Concert

Oh no! During a private New Kids On The Block concert April 4 in NYC, Jonathan walked off the stage halfway through the performance -- and HollywoodLife.com was there to get all the exclusive details! When New Kids On The Block hit the stage at the iHeartRadio Theater, no one expected the group would go from five to four by the end of the night. The band, who just released its new album 10 this week, will be heading on tour May 28 -- but will all five members be hitting the road?

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NKOTB Concert Drama
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When Donnie Wahlberg appeared on stage with rest of NKOTB, the group started off by singing a new song, while the tons of girls in the crowd went CRAZY. It was quite the sight to see, but something was definitely off.

Jonathan Knight Looked Uncomfortable Before Leaving Stage

I noticed from the front row that Jonathan Knight seemed out of it. While the men started their choreographed dances, Jonathan stood uncomfortably in the background — actually just standing and texting on his phone during the performance.

The crowd definitely noticed, although no one seemed to mind because the other four guys were extremely entertaining. Plus, Jonathan has a past of suffering from social anxiety, so if anything  fans in the audience were worried.

Jonathan attempted to rejoin his bandmates after two songs but after another three songs went by — including the classics “Step by Step,” “Hangin’ Tough” and “The Right Stuff” — his anxiety got the better of him and he forgot his lyrics.

The boys all gathered together to help him out, trying their best to make him feel comfortable, but apparently it didn’t work. Jonathan put his head down and walked off stage; and while the crowd thought he would be returning, unfortunately that didn’t happen.

NKOTB Defends Jonathan’s Exit

The boys turned to the crowd to make light of the situation, and Joey joked that it would make news the next day.

“One of the guys walks off stage the night of the opening,” Joey McIntyre said to the crowd. “You think we’re f–king serious right now? He just really had to go to the bathroom!”

Donnie also made a joke, saying that when he couldn’t make some press events this week due to his busy schedule, people weren’t chanting his name!

Jonathan has been open about his past history of suffering from anxiety and panic attacks, though he had sought help for them years ago.

“He’ll almost definitely drop off the tour,” one fan wondered after the show, while many came to his defense.

Others gathered outside to wait for the band to leave the venue. While Danny WoodJordan Knight and Joey all came out, waved to fans, and got in their van, Donnie came over to shake hands and even take one photo.

Jonathan was nowhere to be found. HollywoodLife.com has reached out for a comment.

We REALLY hope that Jonathan can go on — NKOTB is not the same without him! But of course we wish him well no matter what he decides — he needs to do what’s best for him.

Do YOU think Jonathan will drop out of the tour, HollywoodLifers? We hope not! Vote below!

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— Emily Longeretta

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