Jenelle Evans Reveals Why She & Gary Head Broke Up For Good

Gary and Jenelle reunited after the Teen Mom's brief split from hubby Courtland Rogers, but now Jenelle is speaking out about what really happened to make their relationship end for good! Gary Head looked like such a doting boyfriend on the March 25 episode of Teen Mom 2, especially when he took care of Jenelle Evans as she was recovering from surgery, and even watched her son Jace, 3, after Jenelle bailed on her babysitting obligation. But the Teen Mom is revealing why the couple split for good, even after a brief reconciliation this winter.

Gary Head Jenelle Evans Relationship
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Jenelle and Gary got engaged last summer, but their relationship came to a screeching halt after the two got into a physical altercation in June — and were both arrested. Fast forward a few months after the fight — Jenelle got back together with Kieffer Delp, split with him, then dated and married Courtland Rogers — when Jenelle left Courtland, and got back together with Gary.

But while Gary seemed like a model boyfriend and doting father figure to Jace when they were together, Jenelle insists Gary isn’t all his reputation is cracked up to be.

Jenelle Evans Warns Against Gary Head’s ‘True Colors’

“Cannot wait until next weeks episode to see that dude’s TRUE COLORS,” Jenelle wrote on March 26 just a day after the Teen Mom episode aired. Although Jenelle didn’t specify what goes down on next week’s episode, we’re assuming it could be the infamous violent fight!

Jenelle Evans Reveals Why She & Gary Head Split In March For Good

Jenelle also spoke out about why she and Gary broke up again this winter after she moved in with him following her separation with Courtland — he even reportedly drove her to the hospital while she was suffering from a miscarriage — and they rekindled their relationship. But when Jenelle went to rehab in March, she and Gary split for good.

“I left him when I went to rehab becuz he was using my car to pick up b****es in and wanted ME to send HIM money.” Gary also tried to get back together with his ex Jade Dolph, but Jenelle insists that’s not why she split with Gary.

“Didn’t leave him cuz he “played me,” like I said wait and watch,” she tweeted on March 26.

Looks like Jenelle and Gary are over for good — but with her, you never know! What do YOU think of Jenelle’s explanation of why she and Gary split HollyMoms? Do you think they made a good couple? Let us know in the comments below!

— Christina Stiehl

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