Chris Brown’s Real Feelings About ‘Glee’ Episode Diss

'Glee' took a few jabs at Chris Brown on March 21 by majorly dissing him on this week's episode! A source close to Chris tells exclusively how he feels about the primetime slam. Chris Brown, 23, is used to getting the heat from the media for his troubled past, but on March 21 he received a diss from an unexpected place -- an episode of Glee!

A source close to Chris tells exclusively, “He don’t care. Nobody cares. Next.”

In the episode, Jake (Jacob Artist) contemplated singing a Chris Brown song for his guilty pleasure, but was immediately shut down by the girls. The girls argued that a song by a Chris was a bad choice given his past. They noted that Chris assaulted Rihanna in 2009, dissed Frank Ocean, got a tattoo of a battered woman on his neck, and damaged a window at Good Morning America. Jake ended up going with “My Prerogative” by Bobby Brown instead.

Fans React To ‘Glee’ Chris Brown Diss On Twitter

@ErikaAlyssa_: “It irks me that Glee is so against Chris Brown. I love him.”

– @ZenTeaNaiCha: “That is really insulting to Chris Brown as an artist. Wtf, Glee? This really is becoming stupid lately. #bringbacktheoldGlee @CynicalGlee”

– @ainsiibabes: “Jake’s got a point. I like Chris Brown’s songs but feel guilty about it coz he’s a douche #glee”

– @bellesblake: “Glee did the chris brown line to show that they stand up against violence (even tho it was supported last week). It was a desperate move.”

– @KathrynDarwin: “So Chris Brown is a no-no. And Bobby Brown is okay? Wtf #glee?”

– @monabiede: “i love that glee made a point about NOT doing a @chrisbrown song and brought attention to the fact that he is a total douche”

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— Reporting by Eric Ray

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