Tiger Woods Tells Lindsey Vonn ‘Everything’ About His Sexual Past, Says Insider

Tiger reportedly had affairs with over 14 women while he was married to Elin Nordegren, but it appears he's found love again by actually being honest! Read on to find out how he told Lindsey about his past! Tiger Woods is back in a committed relationship, but let's hope he can stay faithful Lindsey, 28, and Tiger, 37, posted photos from a private photo shoot, along with messages, telling the world on Mar. 18 that they're officially dating. But how was the Olympian able to look past his cheating ways?

Tiger Woods Lindsey Vonn
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How Tiger Told Lindsey About Cheating

A source tells Us Weekly that the first thing to make them official, was Lindsey getting divorced from her husband Thomas Vonn. The second thing? Tiger had to tell her about what really went down in 2009!

“He confessed everything in his past to her and stuff – they’re really into each other,” the source says.

Tiger’s Affairs Exposed

Over Thanksgiving weekend in 2009, Tiger’s wish Elin discovered that he had been cheating on her with about a dozen women. That’s when he fled the house, and got into a car crash in the driveway, and then she broke into the car to save him by cracking open the window with a golf club.

Shortly after, all of the affairs became public and he took time off. Since then Elin and Tiger have been seen out together at their son’s soccer games in Florida.

Are you surprised that Lindsey is dating Tiger and that his past didn’t bother her? Especially since he’s proven himself to not be a faithful guy!

Us Weekly

— Chloe Melas

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