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‘Lying Game’ Spring Finale Recap: Was [Spoiler] The Killer All Along?

The midseason finale introduced the strongest potential suspect yet — and by 'introduced,' I mean the murderer was right under the twins' noses all along! Just when I thought I had The Lying Game all figured out, the March 12 spring finale proved there's no telling what's going to happen next in Phoenix. Though we still don't have a definitive answer about who killed Derek and Theresa, a surprising — and seemingly guilty — party emerged as a new suspect this week. Are you ready? It's kind of a doozy...

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Lying Game Thayer Killer
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Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

It’s Thayer (Christian Alexander)! Yes, shortly after Emma (Alexandra Chando) stomped on his heart — I’ll get to that later, I promise — he pulled a crowbar out of his couch and wreaked havoc on his bedroom, ending the episode looking at a shattered picture of Emma.

Is that the same crowbar he used to kill Derek? Is Emma going to be his next target? I’m having major flashbacks to the time Toby was revealed as “A” on Pretty Little Liars and I’m not liking it. Not one little bit!

Emma (Finally) Chooses Between Ethan & Thayer

After a season and a half of emotional ping-ponging, Emma finally chose between the two men in her life. Thayer forced her to make a decision, but unfortunately for him, she chose Ethan (Blair Redford). “It’s always been you,” she told him.

Sadly, nothing is ever that easy on The Lying Game. Ethan told her things had become too complicated between her and his family, and that they couldn’t be together.

Rebecca Skips Town — Or Does She?

When the police found Rebecca’s (Charisma Carpenter) necklace at the scene of Theresa’s murder, everyone assumed the case was closed. But a quick phone call from Alec (Adrian Pasdar) warned Becky about the impending danger, and she managed to disappear before they searched her house.

She rendezvoused with Jordan (Ryan Rottman) at the airport, and when he refused to go with her, she threatened to tell the authorities what he did “to his brother in Los Angeles.” (What brother? What did he do? What’s happening?!) All those questions were answered when the police arrested Jordan for killing his brother. All right, maybe they weren’t answered, but at least they were a little more fleshed out.

Is Alec Dead, Too?

Remember when I said Rebecca skipped town? I wasn’t the only person who thought she did. Rebecca surprised Alec by meeting him on the roof during Theresa’s memorial, and after telling him she suspected Thayer was the killer, she pushed him into the skylight! He fell with a mighty thud — seriously, his power of flight from Heroes would have come in handy — and was left bleeding on the ground.

But is he really dead?

HollywoodLifers, what’s your take on this insane finale? Do you think Thayer really killed Derek and Theresa? Could Alec really be dead? Drop me a comment with your reactions and theories below!

— Andy Swift

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