‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: Another Body Is Found — Is Toby Really Dead?

Plus, scary puppets! So many scary puppets! Some girls play with dolls, others play with corpses. The ladies of Pretty Little Liars found themselves in the latter category this week, as they infiltrated the Rosewood Morgue — is that not what it's called? — to make sure Toby (Keegan Allen) wasn't really dead. But just when they thought they'd put all their fears to bed, Emily's (Shay Mitchell) mom informed the girls that another young man's body was found in the park! She actually only told Emily, but c'mon, we all know these girls suck at keeping secrets.

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Pretty Little Liars Toby Dead
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Meanwhile, Spencer (Troian Bellisario) remained holed up at Radley Sanitarium — and getting crazier by the minute. She even (possibly) hallucinated an encounter with Ali (Sasha Pieterse), which led her to a few goodies Mona (Janel Parrish) left behind from her stay at the nuthouse. After a little chat with Wren (Julian Morris) — whom Spencer’s new buddy Eddie doesn’t trust one bit — we learned that CeCe (Vanessa Ray) had been visiting Mona has a potential role model for her. Ali’s shenanigans had gotten CeCe kicked out of college, which sent her on a downward spiral. Fortunately she’d gotten out of it, so she wanted to mentor younger people experiencing mental instability.

The plot thickens…

Aria’s Misadventures In Babysitting

Remember last week when Aria (Lucy Hale) was a bad babysitter? Well, this week, she cranked the bad-babysitting up to 11! When she went to pick up Malcolm from karate practice, he’d already been taken home by “Aria Montgomery,” which meant two things: “A” has resorted to dirtier tricks than ever, and that karate group’s security system is horrendous. Aria eventually tracked down Ezra’s (Ian Harding) mini-me at the circus, where he told her he was picked up by a girl who said her name was “Alison.” Freaky!

Malcolm told Maggie he had a great day at the circus, so you’d think that’d be end of it, right? All’s well that ends well? Eh, not quite. Aria told Ezra she thinks this is merely a sign of more trouble to come in their relationship, so it’d be best to end things now. That’s right, folks, another “Ezria” split.

Caleb’s Daddy Issues

And it’s a good thing Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) has that thick head of luxurious hair, because he needed those extra-long locks to wipe his tears this week. Between the missing church bell, and the mysterious dice-covered bill, Caleb had all the proof he needed that Jamie was still a no-good thief. But when “A” revealed the entire thing had been a set-up, Caleb was furious — at Hanna (Ashley Benson)!

HollywoodLifers, do you think the second corpse belongs to Toby? (It does have his tramp stamp!) Do you think Aria and Ezra are broken up for good? And was that really Alison who Spencer saw? Drop me a comment with your review of the episodes, and your theories for next week’s spring finale!

— Andy Swift

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