Kristen Stewart Makes Out With Garrett Hedlund In New Video

Kristen Stewart is still dating Robert Pattinson, so thankfully, a new clip of her kissing a different man happens to be from the movie 'On The Road.' It's just acting! Check it out! Kristen Stewart and Garrett Hedlund share the screen and engage in some passionate kissing in a scene from On The Road. It's really hot and heavy!

Garrett Hedlund Kristen Stewart Kissing
Image Credit: Courtesy Of MK2 Productions

Jack Kerouac‘s beloved novel On The Road  has been adapted into a movie, starring our beloved Kristen. It will be released on March 22, both in theaters and in the comfort of your own home on VOD.

MTV got their hands on a sexy scene between Kristen and Garrett, which will surely get you excited. In the scene, following an amazing make out session, Garrett tries to convince Kristen that he can be with her and his wife Camille, who is played by Kirstin Dunst.

He says, “Now listen, darling, You know that I’m capable of everything at the same time, and I have unlimited energy. So when we get back to San Fransisco, let’s absolutely go on living together. I know just the place for you to live. I’ll be home every night and be at Camille’s in the morning. I’ve done it before, so she’ll never know.”

What a player!

Check Out The Clip Below!

So HollywoodLifers, Will you be watching On the Road when it hits theaters and VOD on March 22? Sound off below!

— Russ Weakland

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