Marilyn Manson: Why He Fainted On Stage Revealed

Marilyn fainted on stage on Feb. 6 while performing in Saskatoon, Canada and now it's been revealed why he did! Marilyn Manson is recovering and according to TMZ, it's because he has the flu! Sources close to TMZ say that his stomach was hurting him when he passed out on stage and that he had "felt like crap" all day.

Marilyn Manson Vomits On Stage
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What Happened To Marilyn

It turns out Marilyn, 44, wasn’t feeling well the entire day and when he took the stage that was the final straw! Marilyn reportedly threw up several times while performing his hit song “Beautiful People.”

We told you that fans didn’t immediately react to Marilyn’s fall and that they kept on playing. It turns out Marilyn actually told the crowd he wasn’t feeling well.

Marilyn’s rep has since released a statement saying: “He’s fine. He had the flu and he threw up,” Manson’s publicist, Jennie Boddy, says. “He’s recovering today, his day off. The tour goes on as planned tomorrow in Calgary.”

Marilyn is still expected to perform in Calgary, Canada on Feb. 8.

Where Has Marilyn Been?

It turns out he’s just signed on for his sixth season of Showtime’s Californication. The star of the show David Duchovny is co-writing a musical production on the show and that’s where Marilyn comes in!

We’re so happy to hear that Marilyn is okay!

— Chloe Melas


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