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‘The Lying Game’ Recap: Laurel Learns The Truth About The Twins

But will Laurel help Emma take down Sutton & Rebecca, or will she reject her for lying for so long? Rebecca (Charisma Carpenter) and Sutton (Alexandra Chando) have done a pretty good job of keeping their secrets to themselves — until tonight, that is. Not only did Emma learn the truth about her paternity on the Feb. 5 episode of The Lying Game, but her discovery inspired a game-changing confession that brought Laurel (Allie Gonino) into the fold. In a nutshell, this show just got even more complicated.

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Lying Game Season 2 Episode 5
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Still in Los Angeles, Emma and Thayer (Christian Alexander) managed to figure out that not only is Rebecca the twins’ birth mother, but that she and Sutton have been working together. Desperate to find out what their plan was, the pair rushed back to Scottsdale, only to find an even bigger mess than they expected.

Fueled by a few unwise words from Mads (Alice Greczyn), Laurel had been asking a ton of questions about the twins. Her curiosity eventually led her to follow Sutton on a late-night visit to Rebecca’s house, but she ended up falling off the wall and landing in the hospital.

Sutton successfully swept Laurel’s curiosity under the rug, but Emma knew she’d need another member on her team if she wanted to figure out what Sutton and Rebecca were really up to. So in a very un-Emma-like move, she came clean to Laurel. About everything.

Old Flames Reingite

The kids’ crises may have been intense this week, but they were nothing compared to the marriage-ruining drama going on with the adults. Kristin’s (Helen Slater) insecurities about motherhood weren’t the only secrets that came out when Sutton revealed the diary Rebecca gave her; we also learned she had major feelings for Alec (Adrian Pasdar)!

Wait, did I say “had?” Make that “has.” She has feelings for Alec.

As for Alec, he basically told Dan (Tyler Christopher) that he was only living with Rebecca to find out how she set him up to go to jail. And here I thought their marriage was based on love and mutual trust…

Jordan’s Dark Past

Remember when Ryan Rottman told me that Jordan had a few “skeletons” in his past? We got our first taste this week when Rebecca confronted him about his relationship with Laurel. It turns out Becks is pressuring her son to spend time with Laurel to create a more direct road to Ted, and when he challenged her authority, she threatened to tell everyone in Scottsdale what he

So what is he hiding? All I know is that we can rule out the secret being about his flawless helmet hair. That secret’s already out.

What do you think Jordan’s big secret could be? And do you think Emma was smart to fill Laurel in on her double life? Drop me a comment with your theories!

— Andy Swift

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