Justin Bieber Spit In Woman’s Water Bottle? — Radio DJ Tells Her Story

A North Carolina radio host has accused Justin and his posse of mocking her workout routine and swearing at her during a recent gym visit! Read on for the details. Justin Bieber has been dealing with a lot lately, ever since breaking up with Selena Gomez. Now he's facing accusations that he mocked and swore at a woman in a North Carolina gym while on tour!

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Justin Bieber Spit
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Colette Harrington Schwoeri took to her Facebook page on Jan. 22 to accuse Justin of behaving poorly during a gym session she shared with him at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Charlotte, N.C. The Biebs, who was in town for a concert that same day, allegedly entered the gym with two other men, whom she presumed were his trainer and back-up dancer. Colette said she approached the singer for a picture, which he declined.

Colette said she then went back to her workout, alleging that things quickly turned nasty. “I always count out loud my reps,” she wrote. “Then Justin starts imitating me and whenever I’d get to 20, he and his buddy would say ‘Shut the f**k up.'” The radio show host wrote that, after 30 minutes, she decided that she’d “had enough” and went to another room in the gym. “After a few minutes, I hear the door slamming so I know they left. I go back to working out and a take drink from my water bottle — only it is Justin’s blue gatorade,” she said.

When the story was first reported by TMZ, the section regarding the drink was distorted, Colette alleges. The website wrote, “Then, according to Colette, someone … and she thinks it was Bieber or someone in his group … SPIT blue Gatorade into her water bottle while she wasn’t looking … and she actually DRANK the spit-orade.”

The Justin Bieber Spitting Accusation Is Not True!

Colette returned to her Facebook page on Jan. 24 to set the record straight. “I NEVER SAID Justin or his posse spit in my drink, IN fact, anyone can read the post on my wall about the incident (hours after it happened.) I drank JB’s Gatorade thinking it was MINE,” she wrote.

Justin’s Response To Colette’s Accusations

Justin’s rep told TMZ, “The woman is dead wrong. Justin and his trainer were in the gym, and they were making snide comments to EACH OTHER but absolutely NONE were directed at the woman.”

So HollywoodLifers, do you think Justin did anything wrong? Sound off below!

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