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‘Vampire Diaries’ Twist: Elena’s Love For Damon Is Still In ‘Doubt’

'Delena' fans, prepare to bang your heads against the wall! Remember when Elena (Nina Dobrev) finally told Damon (Ian Somerhalder) that she loved him on the Jan. 17 episode of The Vampire Diaries? It may have been over the phone — the kind of half-assed move one might expect from Joe Jonas, to be honest — but it was still beautiful and long overdue. That said, "Delena" fans still shouldn't get their hopes up too high, at least according to executive producer Julie Plec.

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“This isn’t necessarily the end-all, be-all now that that word [‘love’] has been spoken,” Julie tells Entertainment Weekly. “The doubt is still gonna be there. And it’s gonna continue to eat at Damon for the next few episodes.”

So, basically, Elena can say she loves Damon as many times as she wants — but it’ll always be up for debate.

Will Damon & Elena Ever Get Their Happy Ending?

Am I the only one who feels like Damon and Elena are getting totally dumped on this season? Even though we’ve seen them reach several major milestones in their relationship, each one has been tainted, making them impossible to fully enjoy.

Fans went bananas when Damon and Elena had sex for the first time — and rightfully so, as it was crazy hot — but it took less than two minutes for us to question their motives with the introduction of the sire bond.

And now we can’t even fully enjoy Elena’s confession, as we’re being told Elena might only think she loves Damon.

“Elena believes it so fundamentally that in that moment, it’s enough for Damon to let himself believe too,” Julie explains. “Just letting himself allow it to be real for one small moment is enough for Damon.”

What do YOU think? Is Elena’s love for Damon real, or are they only fooling themselves? Drop me a comment with your thoughts below!


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