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Sofia Vergara Welcomes Baby Boy On Dramatic ‘Modern Family’ Episode

It's another boy for Gloria! On the Jan. 16 episode of 'Modern Family,' Sofia's character welcomed her first baby with husband Jay (Ed O'Neill). Read about her new baby boy! In real life, Sofia Vergara is the mom to son Manolo, 20, but on the Jan. 16 episode of Modern Family, her character Gloria welcomed a brand-new baby boy -- on the same day as her other son Manny's (Rico Rodriguez) birthday! 

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Modern Family Baby
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In the dramatic new episode, Gloria (Sofia) and her husband Jay (Ed O’Neill) throw a surprise party for Manny’s 14th birthday, but things go awry when Manny shows up earlier than planned –with a lady friend — and Gloria’s water breaks right as everyone sings “Happy Birthday” to Manny!

But Gloria is desperate not to have her baby on the same day as her son Manny, since she doesn’t want to steal his spotlight, and she refuses to leave. Jay has to drag her to the hospital!

Even though she is in labor and screaming in pain — she actually screams down at her lady parts for the baby to come out — she looks flawless. Typical!

Sofia Vergara Reveals She Was ‘Dreading’ Giving Birth On Set

But the Modern Family star wasn’t eager to welcome her new baby on the set of her hit TV show — or filming with a tiny baby when the time comes!

“It’s going to change for me, because then, actually my hours of shooting with Ed and Rico, they’re very fast, because we come prepared,” she said to Katie Couric on her show Katie.

“We do it fast — Ed is very professional, and Rico too, he’s like an adult. And now, with a baby, it’s going to be double because they cry, and then, ‘Bring the other one, bring the new one, the diaper’ – so we’re dreading it,” she revealed.

Well, we are excited about the baby — and to see Manny as a big bro!

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