‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: Aria Learns A Twisted New Secret About Byron

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Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 15
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Byron’s mistress dropped a bombshell on Aria this week that could tie him to the show’s biggest mystery!

I’m no detective, clearly, but after watching the Jan. 15 episode of Pretty Little Liars, I think it’s safe to say Byron (Chad Lowe) is looking pretty guilty. Not only is he a creepy dad to Aria (Lucy Hale) and a potentially abusive boyfriend to Meredith (Amanda Schull), but given the new information revealed by his mistress-turned-girlfriend, it’s also very possible he killed Alison (Sasha Pieterse)!

Aria and Meredith bonded over their mutual annoyance with Mr. Lowe — they obviously don’t see eye to eye with Lena Dunham — and Meredith dropped a pretty big bombshell: She knew that Alison had been blackmailing Byron. In fact, Byron came to visit Meredith the night Alison disappeared, but he left her apartment to meet up with Ali!

Of course, you have to wonder: Was Meredith really telling Aria the truth, or does she have something to cover up, herself?

Lucas Remains The Creepiest

With Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) inexplicably missing from this week’s episode, Hanna (Ashley Benson) was forced to confront Lucas (Brendan Robinson) alone to pump him for details about Mona (Janel Parrish). Which is a great idea, considering one of the last times she was alone with him, he TRIED TO KILL HER IN A LAKE.

Anyway, Lucas told her he’s dropping out of Rosewood High because Mona is still torturing him, which prompted Hanna to get all up in Mona’s face like never before. “I know you’re still ‘A’,” the formerly hefty one screamed at Mona, before telling her to stay out of her life forever.

Oh, did I forget to mention Lucas also admitted to starting the fire last week? And to being in the basement earlier in this episode? That kid is not to be trusted.

Paige Traumatic Stress Disorder

Paige (Lindsey Shaw) had herself a little meltdown while out on a romantic — and by “romantic,” I mean terrifying — drive through the woods with Emily (Shay Mitchell). Like, full on hyperventilation. Apparently she’s the only person left in Rosewood with a healthy sense of fear, and she hasn’t been able to pull it together since Halloween. And as if she wasn’t stressed out enough already, Paige discovered “A” slashed her tires, so Emily ran off after him — it was Toby (Keegan Allen) this time — into the night.

Later on, Emily sat Paige down and delivered a really nice speech about not living in fear. Jodie Foster would be proud, for sure, but I’m not convinced. “A” has historically targeted Emily more than any of the other liars; I think she has every right to be scared out of her mind.

Mind Over Mona

Spencer (Troian Bellisario) literally went head to head with Mona as they competed for the title of Queen Nerd — I mean head of the academic decathlon — and it was a rough couple of rounds. They said a lot of words I didn’t understand, mostly Middle Eastern countries, until Mona ended up the victor.

(Side note: Brandon Jones, the actor who plays “nerdy” Andrew, couldn’t be any less nerdy in real life. Please enjoy this picture and this picture and this picture. You’re welcome.)

What did you think of this week’s episode? Do you believe Byron could have had something to do with Ali’s death, or is Meredith being sneaky? Drop me a comment with your latest thoughts and theories!

— Andy Swift

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