‘Teen Mom 2’ Recap: Chelsea’s Dog Frankie Is Mauled To Death

On tonight's episode of 'Teen Mom 2,' Chelsea tries in vain to save her little dog Frankie from the neighbor's husky, and Leah and Jenelle both find new places to live. Meanwhile, Kailyn is reeling from her mom's surprise visit -- read on for the full recap. Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska is not only the mom to little Aubree, 2 -- she also has two dogs: a French bulldog named Frankie, and a pug named Pixie. But on the Jan. 14 episode, tragedy strikes the Houska household.

Chelsea Houska Dead Dog
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Chelsea’s Dog Becomes Neighborhood Husky’s Chew Toy

Chelsea reveals that he hasn’t talked to baby daddy Adam Lind in a few weeks, even though their daughter Aubree has been hanging out with Adam’s parents. But Chelsea insists that she doesn’t even have time to deal with her personal drama — she needs to take her final GED practice test, and this one is in math!

Chelsea is running late (again) for her GED, so she lets her dogs Frankie and Pixie out real quick before she has to leave, and it getting frustrated that they won’t come int. She frantically looks for Frankie, but can’t find him anywhere –until she pots him in the neighbor’s yard, being chewed on by their huge husky!

Terrified, Chelsea calls the police because she doesn’t know what to do, and they tell her they can’t be of much help. At this point, the GED is completely out of the question as Chelsea has her melt down.

“Every time I go to my test something happens,” Chelsea cries to her dad Randy, who is as sympathetic as he can be — but agrees with the husky owner that if Frankie would have been on a leash, he would still be alive.

Randy also points out that it could have been Aubree in that yard instead of the dog — and she is so lucky it wasn’t.

But things turn around for Chelsea when she finally takes her GED a few days later and passes! With Adam and boy drama completely out of her life, Chelsea’s mom says she’s on the right path. We hope so!

Jenelle Moves In With Friend Ashley

After breaking up with her boyfriend of a couple weeks Josh, Jenelle Evans decides to move in with her friend Amber and Amber’s son Brantley.  For whatever reason, Jenelle thinks this will be a good move for her and look favorably in the courts — two single teen moms without jobs living together with their toddler children.

In another genius move, Jenelle skips class again to go look at houses with Amber. They find one they fall in love with, with enough space and reasonable rent, and they get approved for it in no time — one big step in the right direction!

Jenelle thinks it will be a good place to have her son Jace, 2, over a lot, and thinks having more independence from her mom will be a better environment for Jace. And surprisingly, her mom Barbara likes the house and helps her move in!

Everything seems to be going well for Jenelle, until she decides that she needs to quit school because it’s too hard right now to juggle moving in, getting ler legal issues in order and also going to class. Per her reasoning, it makes more sense to drop out than fail her classes. Baby steps, I guess.

Babs is not pleased. But, it doesn’t result in a knock-down, drag-out fight, so that’s progress.

Kailyn Is Livid Over Her Mom’s Surprise Visit To Baby Isaac

After spending a weekend in Texas with her sister and cousin, Kailyn Lowry is back home in Pennsylvania and can’t wait to see little Isaac, whom she missed so much! But when she pics up Isaac from baby daddy Jo‘s house, she finds out that her mom — whom she hasn’t spoken to in a year — stopped by Jo’s house to see her grandson, without telling or asking Kailyn for permission.

Much to Kailyn’s dismay, Jo allowed the visit — and Kailyn does not think that’s OK. When she hangs out with her friend Mark later, Kailyn reveals why she is so upset over the situation — and decides to call her mom to confront the drama head-on.

But the conversation does not go well. After hanging up twice, her mom finally says she thinks it’s her right as grandmother to see Isaac, and Kailyn inssits that it’s her right as his mom to dictate who her son does and doesn’t see — and it’s not fair that she breezes in and out of his life.

She cries to mark that it’s not setting up a good example for her son, because she doesn’t want him to get the wrong idea and expect his grandma to be in his life when she knows he won’t be. So Kailyn really starts contemplating moving to Texas to be with real family.

The only problem? She would have to tear Isaac away from Jo.

When Kailyn brings up the idea to Jo, he is incredibly angry. He insists that once again, his son needs a father in his life, as well as Jo’s family, who has been nothing but supportive of Isaac his entire life. Kailyn finally sees where Jo is coming from, and it doesn’t look like a Southwest move is in the plans.

Leah Goes House Hunting With Ali & Aleeah

Leah Messer and her boyfriend Jeremy reconnect over a date, and decide they are in their relationship for the long haul. They are both completely smitten — even though Jeremy works as a pipeline engineer on location far away during the work week. But they know they can make their relationship work.

Meanwhile, back at Corey’s house, he confides in his friend Austin that he and Leah discussed getting back together, but she said he needs to prove he wants to be with her. Even though Corey thought about it, he finally decided that he doesn’t want to risk getting hurt again — and he’s moving on once and for all.

After another dinner date with Jeremy, Leah decides she wants to move, so she goes house hunting with her mom. They find a perfect four-bedroom house with lots of room for her twins Ali and Aleeah, and a cheap rent for only $725 a month. Leah wants to move in right away!

She tells Jeremy the good news over the phone, and it sounds like the four of them can live a happy-ever-after life in their new crib! We’ll just have to wait and see how fast their relationship moves.

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