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Is Jennifer Aniston Swapping Her Toe Ring For Her Engagement Ring?

A new year, a whole new Jen. The star has been sporting her favorite accessory from back when she was with Brad, but the small ring was absent from her most recent red carpet look -- does this mean it's gone for good? We all know Jennifer Aniston is a creature of habit. The star has famously sported her signature hairdo for years, loves showing off black dresses on the red carpet, (Valentino frocks are her fave!), always vacations in Cabo San Lucas each year and never takes off her staple accessory, her toe ring -- that is, until now! The well-traveled toe ring has seen Jen through all of her ups and downs. The small silver ring was there during her blissful times as a newlywed with ex-husband, Brad Pitt -- and it was also still on her foot after the couple divorced. While the men in her life might have rotated in and out of the picture, her toe ring was truly always there, adding a little extra sparkle to her look whenever she stepped into one of her countless pairs of strappy sandals.

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While I’m not quite sure when Jen started wearing the ring or where it came from, I first noticed it when Jen was back with Brad. I’ve always speculated that it might have some sentimental significance that reminds her of her former flame — and now the ring is off! While the ring was suspiciously absent when she showed up at the 2013 People’s Choice Awards in LA on Jan. 9, Jen had a new ring that caught our eye — it was her engagement ring from her fiance, Justin Theroux! It looks like she traded her toe ring for engagement bling!

I’m not quite sure how I feel about Jen’s decision to step out without it. I’ve begged and pleaded for her to leave it at home before hitting the red carpet, but now that it’s gone something just doesn’t seem right — it’s like her signature! I’m clearly very conflicted.

Why The Ring Is Off

I guess it’s out with the old and in with the new — now that’s what I call trading up! Jen looked fantastic in her edgy black Dior dress and she seems so happy to be starting a whole new chapter with a new guy. Maybe she thought it was time to experiment with a whole new look — and leave any sentimental trace of the past behind.

Sure, the star could have simply just forgot to put it back on, or maybe she has grown tired of wearing it, who knows! I just find it suspicious because it’s the first time I’ve seen her step out sans toe ring in years.

I do, however, have another theory I would like to suggest — perhaps Jen lost the ring on her holiday break in Cabo San Lucas. The star did look a little down in pictures, and there’s no doubt that losing a prized possession is really upsetting!

The toe ring is gone, and all that’s there is the space where it used to sit, vacant with just a hint of a small tan serving as a reminder. Where could it be? And, more importantly, why isn’t Jen wearing it?

We may never know.

Katrina Mitzeliotis