Sean Lowe Hooked Up With Former Contestant Before ‘Bachelor’ — Report

It looks like 'The Bachelor's golden boy has a dark streak, as a new report says that charming businessman Sean hooked up with a contestant prior to his series and then never called her. Ouch! Sean Lowe has his heart broken by Emily Maynard on The Bachelorette, and now it looks like he is the one breaking a heart. Before he began his journey for love on The Bachelor on Jan. 7, he hooked up with former contestant Jenna Burke in August 2012, and then ignored her the next day. That's not how you bag yourself a fiancée, Sean!

Sean Lowe Hooked Up
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Jenna Burke & Sean Lowe Hooked Up Last Summer

Sean met Jenna at a charity event in New York in August, where things got hot and heavy! Jenna, who was a contestant on Ben Flajnik‘s season — she only lasted for two episodes — took a shine to Sean immediately, but she got burned.

“Sean and Jenna had never met before, and they really hit if off,” a source tells Star. “They spent that whole first night flirting and whispering with each other, and it looked as if a romantic bond was forming between them. Jenna seemed especially smitten with Sean — especially after he let it slip that he had been selected as the next star of The Bachelor. It wasn’t announced publicly until a month later.”

It looks like Jenna may have a had a game plan, as she later begged producers for a spot on Sean’s season. But things turned sour fast, as Sean seemed to only want a one-night thing.

“Jenna went back with Sean to his hotel room and stayed the night. The next evening, at the charity event in Philadelphia, Sean barely paid any attention to her — like she wasn’t even there. It was a side of Sean I never thought I’d see,” says the source. “And it really hurt Jenna.”

Is Former ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Just Fame-Hungry?

While Jenna may have been hurt by Sean’s actions, it didn’t put her off pursuing him, as she contacted ABC producers so she could be a competitor on his season. And they say Bachelor contestants are fame-hungry?

“She [Jenna] liked him so much that, knowing he was the next star of The Bachelor, she got in touch with the shows producers and begged to be on the show — but they turned her down. It’s really sad.”

It sure is! It seems crazy that Sean could be so callous when he seems like such a nice guy, but if we recall from season 16, Jenna seemed like a crazy, emotional wreck.

And Sean already has enough crazy people to deal with on the show!

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Was Sean too callous, or is Jenna just fame hungry?

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— Eleanore Hutch

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