‘Twilight’ Star Bronson Pelletier Peeing In Airport Before Arrest – Video

New video of the 25-year-old peeing and then being taken to the ground by police has just been released and it's down right shocking. Bronson Pelletier can't deny urinating at the airport after seeing this graphic video. The new footage shows the actor at Los Angeles International airport looking totally out of it, unzipping his pants, and then proceeding to pee in the middle of the terminal. Bronson is seen peeing while a guard says: "sir, sir." Once Bronson is taken to the ground, he starts to cry.

When airport police drop Bronson to the ground, he is still peeing. You can hear onlookers saying “oh my God.” Bronson plays one of the wolf pack members from Twilight and he was recently arrested for possession of cocaine and meth.

Bronson could face up to six months in jail and he is due in court on Jan. 7. Just one week later he must appear in court due to the drug charges.

We told you that LAX police were called about an unruly passenger. This was around 11:30 am and then he was told to wait in the terminal for another flight. Two hours went by and then they got a call that he was peeing by the gate. Bronson was taken to jail, booked for a misdemeanor, and then released.

Click here to see the video.

— Chloe Melas


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