Kris Humphries Buys Girlfriend Boob Job To Look Like Kim Kardashian

Kris may have parted ways with Kim Kardashian on Oct. 31, 2011 after a failed 72-day marriage, but a friend close to his current girlfriend Myla Sinanaj tells exclusively that Kris is trying to turn Myla into Kim -- starting with a massive boob job! Myla Sinanaj debuted her new look while vacationing in the Bahamas over Thanksgiving weekend. Not only are we told that Myla and Kris Humphries are back together, but she's parading her new boobs around the tropical island -- boobs which Kris paid for! We have to admit -- she looks hot!

Kris Humphires Myla Sinanaj Breast Implants
Image Credit: Courtesy Photo

A friend of Myla’s tells exclusively, “Kris paid for Myla’s boob job because he’s trying to turn her into Kim Kardashian. No one knows she got a boob job, but she went from a B cup to a D cup.”

As you can see in the photos, exclusive to, Myla’s chest has been dramatically enhanced since she started her relationship with Kris.

While Kris claims that he’s over Kim, we can’t help but notice that Myla is a dead ringer for Kim, especially with the new boob job!

We have a feeling that Kris is upset he’s not in the Bahamas with Myla, enjoying the view.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Is Kris trying to turn Myla into Kim?

— Written & Reported by Chris Rogers

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