Lindsay Lohan Will Spend Thanksgiving In Prison, Says Expert

She may wear pink on Wednesdays, but on Thanksgiving she will be wearing orange! Our legal expert says Lindsay will be returning to prison, and 'she should bring her toothbrush with her to court'! Lindsay Lohan is set to return to prison this week, says's legal expert, Raoul Felder. Lindsay had been on probation for jewelry theft, and she broke the terms of her probation in June this year, when she lied to the Santa Monica police department. On Nov. 20, it was announced that Lindsay will be seen by a judge this week, and according to Raoul, the judge "could put her in jail immediately"!

Lindsay Lohan Jail
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UPDATE: Lindsay Lohan: Jail Time Ahead? — Officially CHARGED With Lying To Police

Lindsay is no stranger to an orange jumpsuit, as she has been to jail twice in the past — and she’s about to make it a hat trick! As previously reported by, Lindsay arrived in LA on Nov. 20 to face up to her charges. Lindsay was in a car accident earlier this year, in which she claimed her assistant was driving, when in fact she was the one driving. Lying to the police is an offense, and because Lindsay is on probation, things are not looking good for her.

Lindsay is set to be arraigned by a judge this week, and because she broke the terms of her probation, it is most likely that she will be returning to prison. Raoul says:

“Lindsay has a criminal record, so it is likely the judge will revoke her probation, and generally probation is revoked immediately. He could put her in jail immediately, and that’s exactly what I think he will do. Given her history, any sensible judge will lock her up.”

“She cannot be trusted, and she cannot drive. She is putting people’s public welfare in danger. She has already been sentenced before, so the judge has a good case against her. She could be given the same sentence as last time, or she may be sentenced to the remainder of her original term. With a violation of probation, there is no hope of bail.”

Finally, Raoul’s advice for Lindsay? “When she goes to court, she’d want to pack her toothbrush”. Uh oh!

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Do you wanna see Lindsay go to prison?

— Eleanore Hutch

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