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‘Jersey Shore’ Recap: JWoww Breaks A Leg – Deena Arrested!

Broken bones and broken hearts: JWoww might be hitting the disabled list and the heartsick meatball Deena has a drunken run-in with the law! The Jersey Shore is back in action! On the Oct.18 episode, there's more drama than you know what to do with. That's why HollywoodLife.com has broken it down to the 10 best moments.

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1. The ever-mothering Snooki took JWoww to the doctor to get her aching foot checked out. Turns out Jenni had a fracture and needed to see a bone specialist!

2. JWoww must decide whether to get a cast or an unsightly boot. Can you go clubbing with club foot?

3. While at the doc’s office with JWoww, Snooki’s actual height revealed: 4’8″!

4. The shore boys suspect JWoww of milking her injury for sympathy. Jenni turns the tables and gets a doctors note to prove them wrong.

5. Turns out The Situation doesn’t love Karama so much with his newly sober eyes. He gets frustrated with a drunken club-goer and threatens to jump-kick the guy like, “Van Damme.” Mike blames his outburst on adjusting to his new life. The always reliable booty-call girl, Paula Pickard (perhaps his permanent main squeeze now?) shows up at 5 Am to calm him down. She even sends him an “edible arrangement!” With the combination of Paula’s admirable patience and Mike’s sobriety these two might have a future! We’re rooting for them!

6. Deena continues to hold replacement meatball tryouts, but no one seems to fill the tiny leopard boots of the venerable Snooks. Deena completely breaks down missing her partner in crime.

7. Deena goes missing! First Shore-Store-Danny tries to calms her down, but fails. Sam and Ron find her dazed and wandering the streets babbling, “baby Lorenzo language.” Is this rock bottom?

8. Nope! The drunken Deena dances in the streets, blocking traffic and is handcuffed and carted off to jail!

9. Call it celebrity, call it guido charm: Deena gets off with a citation, a fine, and a firm warning from the Jersey PD.

10. Credits roll on and apparently so does the J-Shore party!

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— Gino Orlandini

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