Cory Monteith Missing From ‘Glee’ Season 4 — Gone For Good?

Fans were outraged to hear that Cory would be missing from the first four episode of 'Glee's' fourth season, but is he gone for good? Lea Michele reveals Finn's fate! Lea Michele opens up about Finn's (Cory Monteith) fate on the fourth season of Glee in a new interview, leaving us wishing it was September 13 already!

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“I can say that Cory is fully on the show this year and what he will be doing this year is very exciting. His storyline is so cool and so different. You couldn’t even ever guess. Honestly! It’s like, amazing. So that’s something the fans can really look forward to. And people saw the pictures of us filming together in New York City together, so they won’t have to wait too long. When [Finn] comes back, he’s really back and it is great,” Lea told E! Online after fans started to worry when it was reported that Cory would be missing from the first four episodes of the season.

Apparently, Finn’s time in the Army doesn’t last. “Cory did get an ‘Army’ haircut,” Lea says. “But I think that was Cory just wanting to cut his hair! They said, ‘Well you’ve been out of the Army for a little while.’ And he was like. ‘I think it should be short on the sides.’ He wanted to mix it up.”

According to’s sister site TVLine, Finn “will encounter a drill sergeant” in the fourth episode of season four, before helping Ryder (Glee Project winner Blake Jenner) “get into New Directions” in the next episode. Finn’s new love interest will come “at some point after that.”

While fans will surely welcome Finn back with open arms, his relationship with Rachel doesn’t sound very promising — especially with hunky newcomer Brody Weston (Dean Geyer) joining the cast as Rachel’s potential new love interest. Also, the fourth episode of the season is titled, “The Break Up.” Is it just a coincidence that Finn’s return occurs right around the same time?

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