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Adele's Tell-All Book: How She Overcame Her Battle With Booze

Growing up without a father and bouncing around homes in a bad area of London had a dramatic effect on Adele. Now, a new tell-all book reveals the singer's secret battle with alcohol, insecurities, and bullying. Adele: The Biography by Marc Shapiro, in stores July 17, takes a look inside Adele's struggles growing up and how she dealt with all her demons.

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Adele Alcohol Problem

Adele’s alcoholic father, Mark Evans, abandoned her at the tender age of 3, causing serious emotional damage to young Adele. “She began drinking at an early age,” explains author Marc Shapiro. As Adele’s singing career flourished, so did her drinking problem. “Midway through her first tour, she reportedly had a drinking problem,” Shapiro says.

Because of her broken relationship with her father, Adele, 24, searched for love and affection to fill that void. “She loved the drama surrounding boys who treated her badly,” he explained. Shapiro revealed that her first love was a bisexual boy who cheated on her, causing her to suffer insecurities. Adele was also bullied in school for being overweight. Shapiro says, “She had a fairly good self-image and seemed to handle it okay on the surface, but I’m sure it bothered her on a deep, emotional level.”

Dealing with all of these issues, Shapiro says Adele’s boyfriend Simon Konecki made the difference in Adele’s life. “Since she hooked up with Simon she’s cut out drinking to a large extent,” Shapiro reveals. According the Shapiro, Adele’s boyfriend of almost a year loves her for who she is and has helped her heal from her hurtful past. “He’s quick to defend her and doesn’t care about celebrity status,” Shapiro says. “I wouldn’t be surprised if they marry within the year.”

HollywoodLifers, are you surprised by Adele’s alcohol problems?

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