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Steven Tyler: Mick Jagger Got Me 'So Wrong' On 'Saturday Night Live'

Mick recently impersonated Steven on 'SNL,' but the 'Idol' judge told HollywoodLife.com he was NOT impressed! Mick Jagger may have the moves, but he doesn't have the howl -- well, at least according to Steven Tyler. In a skit during the May 19 episode of Saturday Night Live titled "So You Think You Can Dance At An Outdoor Music Festival," Mick gave a spot-on impression of the Aerosmith frontman and reality competition judge.

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Wearing a long Tyler-esque wig, a loud jacket and a scarf around his neck, Mick may have captured Steven’s style, but not his iconic howl.

“Ohhh, they got it so wrong; He could have done the yeah yeah yeah!,” Steven told HollywoodLife.com, among other reporters May 23 after the American Idol finale. “I thought he looked good with long hair, I’ve always wanted him to grow it back.”

In a subtle dig at the band’s lack of new material in recently years, “Steven” was introduced by Bill Hader not as the lead singer of Aerosmith, but as being “on loan from American Idol and those weird Burger King commercials. We’re lucky to have her… Steven Tyler!”

Despite the jab, Steven seemed thoroughly entertained by Mick’s parody.

“It was good, it was fun,” he admitted. “He could have done the bastard son of Mick Jagger, there have been so many skits…”

There’s always next time!

What did YOU think of Mick’s impersonation of Steven?

Reporting by Russ Weakland, Written by Jennifer Kamm

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